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Division of Parole Services

Division of Parole Services 

The Division of Parole Services was established within the Indiana Department of Correction in the 1960’s severing its relationship with the State Welfare Department.  Parole Services is charged with enhancing public safety by providing community based supervision and services for individuals through the use of evidence based practices as they transition from a Correctional Facility to Community Supervision.  Parole Services Division operates out of ten district offices located across the State.

Administration Section

Welcome Troy Keith Director of Parole Services

Troy Keith
Director of Parole Services
(317) 232-5711

Toni Sperle

Toni Sperle
Deputy Director 
(812) 454-6625

Joel Gruber

Joel Gruber
Deputy Compact Administrator/Extradition Director
(317) 232-5972

The Indiana Sex Offender Management and Monitoring (INSOMM) Program is an innovative program that collaborates public and private sector groups across the State of Indiana with the goal of reducing sexual offenses. The SOMM Program provides special treatment programming to sex offenders committed to the Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC) and utilizes a Containment Team Model to provide maximum protection to the public while these offenders are under Parole supervision in the community.

Edward Garcia
Sex Offender Management & Monitoring Program Director
Phone: 317-232-5719

Electronic Monitoring Program: The Division of Parole Services launched its Electronic Monitoring Program on March 1, 2012, with a GPS tracking program for parolees who have committed a sex offense or pose a significant risk to public safety.  The Electronic Monitoring Program provides agents and treatment providers with a greater insight into the parolee’s lifestyle and serves as a pro-active motivational tool where agents can monitor a parolee’s job search efforts, treatment compliance, daily routine, and other specific treatment concerns such as substance abuse, mental health, and medical treatment issues.

Accreditation: The Division of Parole Services completed its initial American Correctional Association (ACA) accreditation in 2013 with the common goal of utilizing best practices to meet the Departments Mission and Vision to improve public safety and community supervision. The American Correctional Association (ACA) is one of the oldest associations developed specifically for agencies in the correctional profession striving to improve best practices.

Christopher M. Tanis, Program Director
Electronic Monitoring & Accreditation

Jamie Soliday, Program Coordinator
Electronic Monitoring & Accreditation

Contact Information:
569 Tyler Street
Gary, In 46402
Phone: 219-880-2000 Ext: 234

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The Statistical Data & Research Supervisor is responsible for the collection and distribution of statistical data provided from individual agents and the districts from across the Division.  This information is used to assist management in making decisions regarding the Division, compare and monitor metrics over time and assist the Quality Management Team in their mission to ensure that best practices are being followed by staff.  Additionally, information gathered and resulting reports are provided to the districts to enhance a supervisor’s ability to monitor their Districts and if necessary, course correct.

Robert Hays II
Statistical Data & Research Program Director
Phone: 812-424-9821

The Quality Management Team assists with quality control and continuous quality improvement components for the Division. They work directly with Parole Staff on the Division’s quality management and administration functions and duties.

Holly McAllister
Quality Manager
Phone: 765-529-2359 Ext: 228

Parole Training & Professional Development provides instruction to Division staff and outside stakeholders.  The Division utilizes two full-time trainers and over thirty adjunct training staff across Indiana.  The Training & Professional Development oversees training programs and coordinates professional development opportunities for those wanting to expand their professional knowledge and skills.

Leta Bennett
Training Supervisor
Phone: 317-460-2171

Parole Youth Services coordinates aftercare services for youth with outside agencies, facilities, and court representatives.  This section works directly with Parole Agents and the Division of Youth Services to implement polices and oversee the functions of Juvenile Parole.  The Program Supervisor also monitors the residential placement process for youth being released on parole supervision to ensure a successful re-entry in the community.

Stacy Doane-Selmier
Program Director for Juvenile Parole
Phone: 317-244-3144

The Parole Logistics and Operations Supervisor oversees the allocation and assignment of pertinent equipment needed to perform the job duties of all staff in the Division. The position assists with the organization and execution of parole operations for Departmental needs, special operations, and emergency details within the division.

Caitlin Dickman
Logistics & Operations Program Director
Phone: 317-541-1088 

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Mailing Address
IDOC - Division of Parole Services
Indiana Government Center South
302 W Washington Street, Room E 334
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2738

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