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Project DELTA

Key Project Updates:

—   We’re making good progress on reviewing current state processes & identifying initial user stories.

—   We’ve submitted the first development task, and approved 36 user stories, in the Sentencing module

—   We began the Conduct Module working sessions with a Conduct Kickoff on 4/14

—   We started development on interfaces, scheduled train-the-trainer sessions, began data mapping, and solidified the Go-Live data for Trust Fund

—   We finished reviewing OCMS, and currently reviewing CCMS, in the Case Management module

Upcoming Activities:

— Trust Fund new system Go-live planned for 7/1/2021

— Data migration iteration 1 will take place on 5/17. This will contain the intake data from a couple thousand offenders

— The Change Board will meet to discuss the DevOps Work Items that have been approved that involve customization

— We will kick off the last customizable module this month, the Movement module

Questions & Feedback:

Pease submit any questions or suggestions to the Feedback Survey which can be found here. Or email:


Project DELTA FAQs

Our Vision:

Project DELTA will simplify our existing business processes, empower IDOC staff with the information and tools they need. and enable the effectiveness of our correction programs and services to help IDOC become a modern and trusted resource to offenders and the communities we serve while "changing lives from the inside out."

Project Timeline:

DELTA timeline

Guiding Principles:

Project DELTA will offer IDOC opportunities to build more efficient & effective tools and business processes that will support the Department for years to come. As we embark on this journey, the project team has established Guiding Principles to help inform decision-making. Guiding Principles include:

Stay Informed:

Project newsletters are published monthly, and the latest can be found here:

November Newsletter

Additional information will be shared with IDOC staff on a regular basis leading up to the launch. Please direct questions to the project sponsors and key contacts listed below:

Project DELTA Guiding Principles

Guiding principles for DELTA