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Rulemaking Notices & Updates

Current Pending Rules

LSA # 19-383

Updated Rules

On March 18, 2020, House Enrolled Act (HEA1120) was signed into law and the Indiana Department of Correction became charged with establishing a new infrastructure for how credit time is earned and awarded to the incarcerated detained person or IDP.  (Link to HEA1120).

HEA1120 Implementation within IDOC will be known as Case Plan Credit Time, or CPCT.

There will be three (high-level) steps of the new CPCT structure:

  1. At the beginning of each case plan review period, the caseworker will work together with the IDP to develop clear and measurable domain-based goals, including them in the individualized case plan.
  2. The caseworker, in collaboration with other facility staff (to include clinical, custody, education, program, re-entry), will then monitor progress made toward each goal and, at the end of the review period, submit a measured summary to central office.
  3. The (newly developed) central office Non-bias Review Panel will finalize the credit time approval/denial determination and, as appropriate, the credit days earned will then be applied to the release date by Classification.

General Project Timeline:

Summer 2021 – All unit team staff have attended in person training. Training included the following:

  • HEA 1120 Goals
  • Impact of HEA 1120 on staff and IDPs
  • Case Management
  • Creating SMART goals with IDPs
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Documentation

Fall 2021 –

  • Policy changes become effective and those already in IDOC will have one opportunity to choose between the (current) program-completion time cut structure and Case Plan Credit Time.
  • The caseworker will meet with each IDP and utilize the Individual Case Plan Option: State Form 57126. This is commonly known as the opt in/ opt out option.

January 1, 2022 - Each new IDP admitted will automatically be under the new credit time structure.