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Indiana EBDM State Team

Indiana's Evidence Based Decision Making State Team


 What is EBDM?

EBDM is a system wide data driven approach to inform and guide decision making across the criminal justice system. In June 2008, the National Institute of Correction (NIC) launched the EBDM initiative with local criminal justice systems. Indiana's is currently on stage 6 of the process. You can find more information about Indiana EBDM here: https://ebdmoneless.org/indiana/


Stakeholder Briefs:

The implementation of EBDM requires collaboration from all criminal justice stakeholders including law enforcement, prosecution, defense, the court, probation and parole, corrections, victim service providers, and others.

General Overview may be found here: NIC's EBDM PRIMER

Discipline Specific Overviews may be found here:

An Overview for Defense Attorneys

An Overview for Judges

An Overview for Law Enforcement

An Overview for Pretrial Executives

An Overview for Probation

An Overview for Prosecutors

An Overview for Victim Service Providers


The Framework:

The framework was developed by the National Institute of Correction (NIC) who launched the initiative in June 2008. The purpose and goal is "to build a system wide framework (arrest through final disposition and discharge) that will result in more collaborative, evidence-based decision making and practices in local criminal justice systems." Before beginning implementation, the local criminal justice council or board must read and agree upon the framework. The framework can be found here: A Framework for Evidence Based Decision Making in State and Local Criminal Justice Systems


Starter Kit:

The starter kit should be used by Advisory Board and/or coordinating councils who have read and agreed upon the Framework for Evidence-Based Decision Making in Local Criminal Justice Systems and are committed to working together to enhance their local criminal justice system. The Starter Kit is an 8 part step by step guide to assist those who are ready to follow the EBDM "Roadmap" and begin implementing the framework. You can find more information about the starter kit here: Starter Kit


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