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IDOC Press Releases


Marion County Woman Arrested for Trafficking (08/05/19)

Parke County Man Arrested for Trafficking (08/02/19)

Indiana Department of Correction Holds Virtual Job Fair for Offenders (07/25/19)

Indiana Correctional Industries: Summer 2019 Newsletter (07/24/19)

Scottsburg Woman Arrested for Trafficking (07/22/19)

Cops Cycling for Survivors Visit Wabash Valley Correctional Facility on Their Journey Around the State (07/15/19)

UPDATE: Indiana Department of Correction Apprehends Walk-Away Offender (07/11/19)

Indiana State Prison Confirms Walk-Away of Low-Level Offender (07/10/19)

Seven Inducted into the Indiana Department of Correction Hall of Fame (5/13/19)

Virtual Job Fair Co-Hosted by Indiana Department of Correction Wins National Award (03/11/19)

Indiana Department of Correction Announces Dr. Kristen Dauss as Chief Medical Officer (03/11/19)

IDOC Partner’s with Ivy Tech to Build a 21st Century Skilled and Ready Workforce (01/28/19)

Ivy Tech President Dr. Sue Ellspermann to Join IDOC for American Welding Certification Graduation Jan. 25


Indiana Department of Correction Introduces Indiana Correctional Industries (10/24/18)

National Recognition for Local Prison Facility (10/04/18)

Update: Fire Destroys Treatment Center at Pendleton Correctional Facility (09/26/18)

Fire At Pendleton Correctional Facility (09/26/18)

Indiana Youth Facility to be Nationally Reaccredited (09/20/18)

National Organization Recommends Indiana Prison for Reaccreditation (09/18/18)

Indiana Hosts First-Of-Its-Kind Virtual Job Fair for Offenders (09/04/18)

Woman Arrested at Correctional Industrial Facility (08/23/18)

Gov. Holcomb to Celebrate Manufacturing Skills Certification Graduation at Madison Correctional Facility Thursday, August 8 (08/08/18)

Offender Dies Following an Attack at Pendleton Correctional Facility (07/12/18)

Putnamville Correctional Facility to Host First Daddy Daughter Dance (06/28/18)

IDOC Wabash Valley Facility Confirms Death High Profile Offender (1/30/18)

Madison Correctional Facility Offenders Celebrates First Welding Certification (1/29/18)

Correctional Police Officers Arrest Woman for Sexual Misconduct (05/17/18)


Miami Correctional Facility Celebrates PLUS Program Graduates (11/17/17)

IDOC Conducts Operation 'Safe Halloween" (10/31/17)

IDOC Expands the Use of Educational Tablets to Adult Offenders (9/5/17)

Westville Correctional Celebrates Garden Harvest (9/1/17)

South Bend Community Re-Entry Center (8/11/17)

IDOC Offender Stabbed at Indiana State Prison (7/26/17)

IDOC Shutters Indianapolis Re-Entry Facility (6/14/17)

IDOC Hires Dr. William Van Ness as Chief Medical Officer (5/8/17)

IDOC Commissioner Carter Announces Medical Care Contract (2/21/17)

IDOC Has Boots on the Ground for highway Spring Cleaning (5/15/17)

Indianapolis Woman Arrested for Allegedly Trafficking (3/15/17)



IDOC Commissioner Lemmon Hangs Up His Keys After 40 Years of Service (11/15/16)

IDOC Contributes 1,300+ Cell Phones to Hopeline (11/3/16)

IDOC Fights Hunger with Community Gardens (10-3-16)

IDOC Commissioner Lemmon Statement on Henryville Correctional Facility Closure (6-6-16)

IDOC Closing Henryville Correctional Facility (6-1-16)

IDOC Signs Up Over 12k Ex-Offender for HIP 2.0 (5-12-16)

Commissioner Lemmon Dedicates New IDOC 'Hall of Honor' (3-3-16)

Then Lt. Governor Ellsperman Honors IDOC Offenders for Thier Avian Flu De-Population Efforts (3-2-16)

IDOC Launches First Non-Prison-based Therapeutic Community Program (2-3-16)

Evansville Pastor Receives Sagamore of the Wabash Award (1-12-16)



State of Indiana Announces Succesful Pilot Program with Corrisoft (11-17-15)

IDOC Launches Operation Safe Halloween (10-28-15)

IDOC Produce Nearly 30k of Produce for Local Community Non-Profits Across the State of Indiana (10-15-15)

Rockville Offenders Donates Quilt In Support National Night (8/25/15)

Indiana Prison P.U.P.S. Program Aids Returning Veterans (7/23/15)

Kairos Weekend on Death Row (7/20/15)

Miami Offenders Donate to Youth Group (7/17/15)

Indiana State Prison PLUS Unit Supports Womens' Homeless Shelter In Gary (7/14/15)

IDOC E-Squad Helps Senior Citizen With Housing Distress (7/13/15)

Putnamville Correctional Facility's  Thoroughbred Program Graduates Three Offenders (7/13/15)

IDOC Educators Walk Away with Four National Awards (7/9/15)

Female Offenders at Rockville Correctional Facility Learn Critical Construction Skills (7/6/15)

Edinburgh Offenders Perform Lifesaving Action on Supervisor (6/5/15)

Indiana Prison Hosts Limbless Motivational Speaker Nick Vujicic (5/21/15)

Former IDOC Superintendent Named GEO Group "Warden of the Year" (5/18/15)

DOC and INDOT Join Forces for Roads and Highway Spring Cleaning (5/8/15)

IDOC Partners with US Army for PaYS Program (4/15/15)




Indiana Recognized as National Leader for Green Prisons (12/19/2014)
Offender Death at Indiana State Prison (10/29/2014)
Governor Pence Announces New Mission at Central Indiana Prison (10/2/2014)
IDOC Announces Closure of Camp Summit Boot Camp (8/29/2014)
IDOC Inmate Tests Positive for Tuberculosis (7/6/2014)
Annual Trash Bash Program Huge Success (5/23/2014)
Offenders Give Back to Victims of Sexual Assault (4/25/2014)
IDOC Taking Steps to Improve Quality of Care for Mentally Ill Offenders (3/11/2014)
Documentary Featuring Indiana Parole Agents Receives National Award (2/26/2014)
Law Enforcement Notification System Keeps Tabs on State Prisoners (1/28/2014)
New study in Indiana examines the impact of family visitation on incarcerated youth (1/13/2014)



Indiana Finds Success in New Program Aimed at Keeping Cell Phones Out of Prison (12/30/2013)
IDOC Directors Receive National Award for Leadership in Correctional Education (12/4/2013)
IDOC Parole Partners with Local Agencies to Keep Communities Safe on Halloween (10/29/2013)
Indiana Department of Correction Officers and Prisoners Donate Monies to the K-9 “Kilo” Memorial Fund (9/26/2013)
Fallen Correctional Officer to be honored at Memorial Service in Indianapolis tomorrow (9/17/2013)
Indiana Leading the Way for Family Engagement of Incarcerated Youth (9/10/2013)
44 Year IDOC Employee Receives High Honor from Governor Pence (8/27/2013)
IDOC Raises $45,000 for Special Olympics Indiana (8/22/2013)
UIndy study finds prison nursery helps inmates and children (6/13/2013)
Ceremony Honors Graduates of Offender Workforce Development Specialist Training Program (6/11/2013)
Plainfield Correctional Facility Captain receives "Patriot" award (6/3/2013)
Gary Parole District to Host Open House (5/22/2013)
Offenders Donate to Victims of Sexual Assault (4/24/2013)
Prison Playing Cards Aim to Help Solve Indiana Cold Cases (4/23/2014)
IDOC Sees Drop in Youth Recidivism Rate (3/5/2013)
IDOC Announces Decline in Indiana's Recidivism Rate (3/5/2013)
Indiana offender mistakenly released from Illinois (1/31/2013)
Pence Reappoints Bruce Lemmon as Commissioner of IDOC (1/10/2013)



Fallen Heroes Dedication (12/4/2012)
2012 Class of Experience & Emerging Leaders (12/3/2012)
IDOC Receives National Award for Sustainability (11/5/2012)
IDOC Parole Keeping Communities Safer Through Operation Safe Halloween (10/29/2012)
State reduces debt by more than half in 8 years (10/17/2012)
2012 Statewide Trainers' Conference (10/15/2012)
Indiana Parole Agents Featured in New Documentary Series (9/6/2012)
IDOC Pulls in Donations for Special Olympics (9/5/2012)
IDOC and PEN industries receive USDOL Trailblazer award (7/23/2012)
Offender Workforce Development Specialists Graduation (6/7/2012)
New Castle Walk Aways Apprehended (5/31/2012)
Minimum Security Offenders Walk Away from New Castle Correctional Facility (5/31/2012)
IDOC Announces Closure of South Bend Juvenile Correctional Facility (5/22/2012)
Indiana Department of Correction and Johnson Controls Celebrate Earth Day (5/4/2012)
Offenders Donate to Victims of Sexual Assault (4/23/2012)
New Castle Correctional Facility Annex Dedication (3/1/2012)
Former IDOC Electric Chair Finds a New Home (1/26/2012)
Indiana Prison Documentary Receives National Award (1/24/2012)



IDOC Leadership Retreat (12/9/2011)
2011 IDOC Class of Experienced & Emerging Leaders (11/18/2011)
IDOC Museum Dedication (11/17/2011)
Putnamville Correctional Facility Trees Inc. Award (11/14/2011)
State Surplus Property Returned to Local Tax Rolls (11/4/2011)
$12,000 in New Scholarships Awarded to IDOC Staff (10/28/2011)
IDOC Offenders Give Back to Victims of Domestic Violence (10/19/2011)
IDOC Commissioner Recognizes Staff for Excellence (10/17/2011)
IDOC Juvenile Facility Receives National Award (10/11/2011)
2011 Statewide Trainers' Conference (10/5/2011)
Second Class of Correctional Police Officers Sworn In (9/29/2011)
WVCF Walk Away Apprehended (8/23/2011)
Wabash Valley Minimum-Security Walk Away (8/23/2011)
IDOC Pulls in Donations for Special Olympics (8/11/2011)
IDOC Receives National Award in Corrections (8/9/2011)
IDOC and Plainfield Partnership Produces Savings (8/3/2011)
Offender Walkaway Apprehended (7/21/2011)
Resident Walks Away From Indianapolis Re-Entry Educational Facility Work Crew (7/21/2011)
Prisoners and Service Dogs and People with Disabilities Equals Miracle (6/23/2011)
IDOC Commissioner Speaks at First-ever National Symposium on Sustainable Corrections (6/17/2011)
Correctional Training Institute Goes Green (6/17/2011)
IDOC Staff Members Receive Governor's Public Service Achievement Awards (5/11/2011)
IDOC Offenders Donate to Victims Group (5/10/2011)
State Public Defender uses videoconferencing to reduce costs and improve services (5/10/2011)
IDOC Commissioner Bruce Lemmon Recognizes Correctional Employees (5/2/2011)
IDOC and SSA Assist Offenders on Path to Reentry (3/24/2011)
IDOC Central Office Recommended for Re-accreditation (3/17/2011) 
TLC Documentary Features Indiana Prison (2/23/2011)
Departing IDOC Commissioner Receives Distinguished Service Medal (2/8/2011)
Specialized Veterans Unit Opens at the Indianapolis Re-Entry Educational Facility (1/24/2011)



IDOC Leadership Retreat (12/16/2010)
Governor, state leaders endorse results of sentencing study (12/15/2010)
GEO Group announces 500-bed expansion at New Castle Correctional Facility (12/15/2010)
South Bend Community Re-entry Center Recommended for Accreditation (11/29/2010)
2010 IDOC Statewide Trainers' Conference (11/23/2010)
Correctional Training Institute Receives Perfect Score for Re-accreditation (11/23/2010)
2010 Class of Experienced & Emerging Leaders Graduates (11/23/2010)
IDOC Commissioner Buss Editorial (11/5/2010)
IDOC Warns of Jail Scam (11/5/2010)
New Castle Correctional Facility Receives Perfect Score for Re-accreditation (10/29/2010)
IDOC to Host Operation Safe Halloween (10/26/2010)
IDOC Commissioner Recognizes Staff for Excellence (10/21/2010)
Corrections Official Earns Professional Designation (10/8/2010)
IDOC Correctional Training Institute Celebrates Ten Year Anniversary (10/12/2010)
International Delegation Visits Indiana Prison (10/4/2010)
Offenders Assist in Rebuilding Storm-damaged Covered Bridge (9/27/2010)
New Castle Correctional Facility Recommended for Re-accreditation (9/23/2010)
IDOC Awarded Almost 1 Million in Grants to Improve Juvenile Re-entry (9/22/2010)
Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility to Host Open House (9/16/2010)
IDOC Staff and Offenders Donate to the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence (9/14/2010)
Afternoons with Amos airs live from IREF (9/9/2010)
Hostage Situation Resolved Peacefully (9/1/2010)
IDOC Offenders and Partners Give to Indiana National Guard Relief Fund 8/13/2010)
IDOC Partners with CMS to Deliver Substance Abuse Services (8/13/2010)
IDOC to Better Serve Marion County Offenders during Re-entry (8/12/2010)
Ronald J. Miller, Jr. Named Chief Financial Officer of Indiana Department of Correction (8/10/2010)
IDOC Staff Turnout Big for State-wide Blood Drive Challenge (8/9/2010)
Governor Daniels to attend MCF PLUS graduation (8/6/2010)
Governor announces partnership to improve public safety (6/28/2010)
IDOC Issues 2nd Edition of Indiana Cold Case Playing Cards (7/13/2010)
IDOC Partners with Lake County for Town Hall (7/9/2010)
IDOC Updates ALERT Notification Service (7/1/2010)
IDOC Improves Victim Notification Service (7/1/2010)
IDOC Kicks Off State-wide Blood Drive Challenge (7/1/2010)
Ex-Inmate Aaron Reason and Inmates Got Talent Host/Comedian Johnny Collins to Return to Prison (6/25/2010)
IDOC Partners with Marion County for Town Hall (6/24/2010)
Governor Daniels Honors Graduates of Prison Substance Abuse Programs (6/11/2010)
Camp Summit Students Clean Up Neighborhood Playground (6/10/2010)
Governor to Address IDOC Substance Abuse Graduates (6/8/2010)
IDOC Inmates Give Back to Prison Program (6/4/2010)
IDOC Parole Division Receives First ACA Accreditation (6/3/2010)
IDOC Golf Open Raises Over $32,00 for Employee Assistance Fund (5/20/2010)
IDOC Announces Closure of Youth Facility (5/7/2010)
IDOC and CMS Offering Mammogram, CT, and MRI Services Inside Indiana Prisons (5/6/2010)
IDOC Employees Receive Public Service Achievement Awards (5/5/2010)

Indiana Prison Uses Talent Contest to Rehab Offenders (5/3/2010)
Correctional Employees Week (5/3/2010)
IREF Work Crews clean up Willard Park (5/1/2010)
DNA technology to combat multi-million dollar DOC contraband problem (4/28/2010)
IDOC and Ivy Tech Finalize Partnership (4/27/2010)
Commissioner Addresses Crime Victims Rights Week (4/18/2010)
IDOC PEN Employee Nationally Recognized (3/31/2010)
New Youth Offender Program Shows Promise (3/31/2010)
IDOC Raises Most for SECC for Fourth Consecutive Year (3/16/2010)
IDOC Staff Supports Hoosiers Helping Hoosiers (3/15/2010)
Legislators Promise Continued Support for Successful Prison Nursery Program (2/12/2010)
State Legislators Show Support for Successful Prison Program (2/9/2010)
IDOC staff and offenders donate to Haiti Relief Fund (2/9/2010)
New Indiana Correctional Police Officers, First in Department History (2/9/2010)
IDOC to Hold Correctional Police Officers’ Graduation (2/4/2010)
IDOC Announces New Leadership Assignments (1/28/2010)
Henryville Superintendent Receives Award (1/21/2010)




IDOC Providing Coal Mining Job Training for Offenders (12/21/2009)
Plainfield Re-Entry Educational Facility Relocates to Indianapolis (12/16/2009)
IDOC Commissioner Recognizes Marion County Juvenile Judge (12/17/2009)
IDOC Commissioner Recognizes LaPorte County Judge (12/10/2009)
IDOC Staff and Offenders receive USDOL Apprenticeship Certificates (12/3/2009)
IDOC Deputy Commissioner Heads to Afghanistan with National Guard (12/2/2009)
Indianapolis Women's Work Release Moves to Grounds of New Indiana Women's Prison (12/1/2009)
IDOC Holds Fourth Annual Auto Show (11/23/2009)
Adult Females Move to New Indiana Women's Prison (11/23/2009)
Indiana Legislators Tour New Castle Correctional Facility (11/19/2009)
Indiana Department of Correction Honored with Pro Patria Award (11/19/2009)
2009 Class of IDOC Experienced & Emerging Leaders Graduates (11/12/2009)
IDOC Staff Graduate from The Leadership Academy (11/3/2009)
Juvenile Females Move to New Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility (11/3/2009)