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2013 News Archive


27. Tougher penalties sought for violent gun crimes committed with a gun (Indianapolis Star)
27. Preparing for their most important job (Times Herald)
22. Our Opinion: Seeking a good verdict on sentencing reform (South Bend Tribune)
22. Proposed alcohol tax in Indiana could fall flat (News and Tribune)
23. EDITORIAL: Focus on correction, not punishment (NWI Times)
19. La Porte boot camp gives troubled teens 2nd chance (WSBT)
19. Local Groups Need $10.5 Million For Criminal Code Overhaul (IPBS)
18. Prosecutor takes tougher stand against convicts ‘gaming’ work-release program (Indianapolis Star)
13. A fix that goes in the wrong direction (News Sentinel)
13. Prison Terms For Convicted Burglars And Thieves Slashed With New Law (WBIW)
10. Report: New law will boost Indiana prison population (Indiana Business Journal)
10. Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative Expands Across The State (Indiana's News Center)
9. Reforming Indiana's Criminal Code (KPC News)
3. After boyhood in prison, a chance for freedom (Indianapolis Star)
2. Indiana sheriff says jail overpopulation, understaffing not a problem (Evansville Courier & Press)


27. Indiana Criminal Code revisions could mean shorter sentences (14 News)
22. Indiana Prison Upgrades to Cost Saving Green Technology (Indiana Public Media)
21. Ohio Valley Gas extending service to Branchville (Perry County News)
18. ‘Reform’ was simply more bad policies (Herald Times)
15. New Criminal Code Stirs Questions On Road To Implementation Date (Indiana News Center)
14. Officers go through flu shot clinic (Brazil Times)
9. Kairos held program at ISP (Herald Argus)
6. Bisard faces protective custody in prison (FOX 59)
5. Can you hear them now? (Indy Politics)
5. Westville prison officer accused of trafficking (NWI Times)
3. Indiana State Prison’s basketball squad has hosted many college teams over the years (The News Dispatch)


29. IDOC Parole Partners with Local Agencies to Keep Communities Safe on Halloween
23. GUEST COMMENTARY: Be smart on crime, not just tough (NWI Times)
11. Multiple inmates injured in fights (Herald Argus)
  9. "The Extra Mile" (Indiana's News Center)
  2. Indiana inmates scamming innocent people using banned cell phones (FOX 59)


29. Inmates, officers make shared donation to K-9 fund (from News and Tribune)
28. Analysis: Sentencing reform challenges lawmakers to think proactively (The Statehouse File)
26. Lawmakers Say Reducing Recidivism Rate Might Take A While (IPBS)
26. Expert: 1-percent cut in recidivism could save state millions (Indianapolis Business Journal)
26. Report: Clark County Community Corrections saves taxpayers $1.67 million (News and Tribune)
22. Indiana's criminal code reform impact studied (Goshen News)
22. Four promoted at state prison (The News Dispatch)
22. Madison County delays women's work release over money (Indianapolis Business Journal)
21. Locked up...but not locked out of their children's lives (Madison Courier)
18. Indiana State Police offers award for fugitive's arrest (News and Tribune)
18. Law enforcement officers who died in line of duty honored at Downtown Indianapolis memorial (Indianpolis Star)
9. Miami Correctional named Training Facility of the Year (Kokomo Perspective)
4. Prison death under investigation (NWI Times)
4. Mental illness finding wins death row inmate additional appeal (NWI Times)


28. Indiana chooses new test to replace GED (from Indianapolis Business Journal)
25. Positive Impact turns Lake County offenders' lives around (NWI Times)
24. Official: Prison inmate stabs two correctional officers (NWI Times)
22. IDOC Pulls in Donations for Special Olympics (from Kokomo Perspective)
16. Westville Correctional Facility inmates complete program (from NWI Times)
15. Third Party To Determine New Legislation’s Impact On Prisons (from IPBS)
15. Malfese receives Westville Correctional Employee award (from NWI Times)
14. Library donates book to correctional facility (from The Herald Bulletin)
14. Study of new criminal reform law starts Thursday (from The Statehouse File)
  8. Woman arrested for attempting to smuggle cell phone in hair (from The Herald Bulletin)
7. State to Help Disabled Offenders Reintegrate After Prison (from Northeast Indiana Public Radio)
6. Chicago man charged with smuggling marijuana into state prison (from NWI Times)


23. Wabash Valley Correctional Facility inmate found dead (from Terre Haute Tribune Star)
22. Correctional officer arrested, admitted to smuggling (from The Herald Bulletin)
22. Indiana prison inmate seeks group prayer rights (from The Herald Bulletin)
16. Visitor accused of trying to smuggle drugs into prison (from FOX 59)
15. Ride to remember: 11th Annual Cops Cycling for Survivors makes stop in Terre Haute (from the Tribune Star)
15. Local judge issues order, waits for response from state (from The Herald Bulletin)
9. Department of Correction to request funding for upgrades at 3 facilities (from the Indiana Lawyer)


25. Program gives police alerts when offenders get out (from FOX 59)
25. Agency that offers offenders a second chance needs a chance of its own (from the News Sentinel)
23. Indiana State Prison inmates receive associate, bachelor degrees (from The News Dispatch)
17. Inmates pay homage to military with trail mural (from The Hendricks Flyer)
17. Chain O' Lakes Correctional Facility helping dads connect with families (from News-Sun)
16. State prison staff complete apprenticeship (from The News Dispatch)
14. Corrections officer credited with saving men (from Herald Argus)
11. Helping out Habitat: Westville inmates help establish Restore in Michigan City (from The News Dispatch)
9. Expungement law could help ex-offenders find jobs (from WTHR)
9. Special Olympics tradition at ISU enhanced with new bocce ball court (from Terre Haute Tribune Star)
4. HIRE program helps 600 ex-offenders find jobs in first year (The Statehouse File)


30. Authorities tackling inmate credit card scams get information about 1996 murder (from FOX 59)
29. Police: Trio tried to smuggle cell phones, marijuana to inmate (from FOX 59)
26. General Assembly held at Indiana State Prison (from NWI Times)
23. Inmates Care For Horses At Putnamville Prison (from WFIU)
22. Westville correctional officer arrested for trafficking (from The News Dispatch)
20. Prison staff, inmates plant tree, make donation (from The Herald Bulletin)
14. Study Committee To Decide How To Fund Criminal Code Overhaul (from WFIU)
10. Outside The Bars: A Special Report (from INC Now)
6. Judge: 'I accept you as you are' (from NWI Times)


28. Rockville Correctional Facility wins Champion Award (from the Terre Haute Tribune Star)
25. Crime Victim Notification Gets Personal (from Government Technology)
24. Indiana offenders donate money to victims of sexual assault (from FOX 59)
24. Victims honored in prison ceremony (from KPC News)
23. Playing cards aim to solve Indiana cold cases (from WTHR)
22. STATE OF THE STATEHOUSE: Criminal Code reform legislation will need funding to work (from the Terre Haute Tribune Star)
22. Teaching Shakespeare In A Maximum Security Prison (from NPR)
19. Disagreements stall criminal code reform bill (from The Herald Tribune)
15. Woman charged with drug trafficking at state prison (from the South Bend Tribune)
9. Could Evansville cold cases be solved with a deck of cards? (from WFIE)
5. 'Operation Lost Innocence' ensures compliance from area sex offenders(from The News Dispatch)


30. Prisoner re-entry program set at Notre Dame (from the South Bend Tribune)
28. Editorial: DOC is crying wolf at criminal code reform (from The Herald Bulletin)
26. DOC: Criminal code bill will spike prison numbers (from the News and Tribune)
26. U.S. Attorney Hogsett: Suspect ran drug ring from prison cell (from the Terre Haute Tribune Star)
25. Overhauling Indiana's Sentencing Practices: Is It A Good Idea? (from INC Now)
20. Why Changing The GED To Incorporate Common Core Worries Adult Educators (from NPR State Impact)
20. Gov. Pence Says Criminal Code Overhaul Not Strict Enough (from WFIU)
10. Wabash Valley Correctional gets national accreditation (from the Terre Haute Tribune Star)
8. Indiana Juvenile Recidivism Rate Drops After 2010 Peak (from WFIU)
8. Prison builds BMV conference table (from NWI Times)
8. Study: Fewer youth returning to Indiana prisons (from WTHR)
6. Commentary: Good reentry programs save money and help people (from The Statehouse File)
5. IDOC Announces Decline in Indiana’s Recidivism Rate
               *Adult Recidivism Rates
5. IDOC Sees Drop in Youth Recidivism Rate
               *Juvenile Recidivism Rates
4. Animal Protection League gets donation from prison (from The Herald Bulletin)


24. Westville's inmates donate $5,800 to local communities (from NWI Times)f
22. Pendleton Correctional Facility has new leader (from The Herald Bulletin)
20. Chances look good for reform of criminal code (from the Fort Wayne News Sentinel)
19. Correctional facility announces employee awards (from The Herald Bulletin)
12. Westville chaplain honored for helping injured driver (from The News Dispatch)
  2. Convicted killer back in Indiana, found 'watching TV' (from the  Chicago Tribune)
  1. Indiana murderer mistakenly released from Cook County Jail (from the Chicago Tribune)


31. Program helps ex-inmates ‘start over’ (from the Indianapolis Recorder)
27. EDITORIAL: Balance Indiana's scales of justice (from NWI Times)
22. Daniels makes her mark on state's criminal sentencing laws (from NWI Times)
16. Reform of Indiana's criminal code clears first hurdle (NWI Times)
14. Prison helps pantry (from KPC News)
10. Lawmakers move to close early release loophole (from WTHR)
3. College graduation held at Indiana State Prison (from the Herald Argus)