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1st Edition Indiana Cold Case Homicides Playing Cards

This deck profiles 52 unsolved homicides and missing persons. There are hundreds of other cases that are not profiled here. You might know something about these cases or you might have some information on cases not in this deck. You may think the information you have is not important or would not be helpful to the investigation. However, that information just might be the missing link that family members have been waiting years for that can solve their loved one's case and bring closure to their family. The victims depicted in this deck are someone's mother, father, sister, brother, wife, husband, or child.


If you have information about any case in this deck or a case that does not appear in this deck, please dial the Indiana State Police T.I.P.S Hotline at 1 (800) 453-4756.

Diamonds                                                                 Clubs       

Hearts                                                                    Spades 

**If you would like to provide information on the victim of a cold case homicide, or would like to have the victim of a cold case homicide reviewed for inclusion in a future release of the deck, please contact the Indiana Department of Correction at coldcasetips@idoc.in.gov.