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2005 News Archive

December 2005

  1. Meth Treatment Unit Targets Youth and Success
  2. Miami County Takes Center Stage For Summit
  3. Commissioner Donahue Welcomes Miss America 2000 to Indiana Women's Prison To Highlight Veteran's Support Initiatives
  4. Lt. Governor Skillman Announces Delivery of Donation to Statewide Food Bank Network

November 2005

  1. Offender Work Crews Assist in Clean Up of Tornado Disaster
  2. DOC wants to partner with community groups to aid inmate re-entry
  3. Meeting the Challenge: Indiana State Prison earns accreditation in its 145th year
  4. Indiana State Prison Recommended for Accreditation

October 2005

  1. State Takes Lead in Public Safety
  2. State Agencies Cooperate to Reduce Deer Herd and Feed Indiana's Hungry
  3. Rondle Anderson Receives Indiana Correctional Association Distinguished Service Award
  4. Corrective Measures Taken at Juvenile Facilities by Department of Correction
  5. Expanded Work-Crew Program a Success at Branchville Correctional Facility
  6. The Indiana Department of Correction Announces 2005 Commissioner's Awards Winners

September 2005

  1. Indiana Department of Correction Announces Finalized Contract Negotiations With The GEO Group, Inc.
  2. J. David Donahue and Prison Fellowship Founder Colson Discuss the PLUS in Prison Life
  3. Indiana Department of Correction Lends a "Helping Hand" to Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Correction Hurricane Victims
  4. Commissioner J. David Donahue of the Indiana Department of Corrections Addresses Re-Entry
  5. Department of Correction Announces Appointments of Key Positions
  6. Department of Correction Announces Merge Between Indiana State Prison and Lakeside Correctional Facility
  7. Department of Correction Opens Nation's First Prison-Based Meth Treatment Unit for Females: Commissioner Donahue Lauds Substance Abuse Treatment Professionals, and Sends Message of Recovery

August 2005

  1. The Indiana Department of Correction Selects GEO Group, Inc. to begin contract negotiations for operation of the New Castle Facility
  2. Department Announces Indiana Road to Re-entry Web Site
  3. Audio Interview with Kevin Keith, News Director White River Broadcasting - Columbus, Indiana
  4. Department of Correction Announces Mission Changes At Two Department of Correction Facilities
  5. Department of Correction Donates School Supplies to Foster Children
  6. Indiana Department of Correction Announces New Partnership To Save Over $19 Million

July 2005

  1. Governor Champions Faith-Based Prison Initiative
  2. General Assembly Does Time at Indiana Department of Correction
  3. State asks community help with ex-prisoners
  4. Commissioner J.David Donahue Sets Guidance for Department.

June 2005

  1. Department Welcomes Randy Focken - Director of Parole
  2. Wabash Valley Correctional Facility Unveils New Meth Treatment Unit
  3. Department of Correction Announces Leadership Changes

May 2005

  1. Department of Correction Announces Organizational Changes
  2. Department of Correction Announces Appointment of PEN Products Director
  3. Department of Correction Saves $11.5 M in Tax Dollars
  4. Commissioner Donahue Shares Positive Outlook at First Faith and Character-Based Advisory Board Meeting
  5. PLUS - Faith and Character-based Re-entry Initiative
  6. Governor Daniels Proclaims Correctional Employee Week: May 1st-May 7th

April 2005

  1. United Way of America Recognizes Indiana Department of Correction
  2. Branchville Correctional Facility Recommended for Sixth National Accreditation
  3. Department of Correction Announces Appointment of Key Positions
  4. Prison Tails Program at Westville Gives Dogs a New Lease On Life
  5. Deputy Commissioner Von Arx to Talk about Re-entry at Woman Expo
  6. Commissioner Donahue Hosts a Statewide Earth Initiative
  7. Superintendent Blank Gains National Recognition for Innovation in Corrections
  8. Governor Mitch Daniels Gives Department of Correction Kudos for First Meth Unit Launch
  9. Indiana Department of Correction Responds to the Emergent Increases of Methamphetamine with Substance Abuse Treatment Unit

March 2005

  1. Donahue Talks About the Budget and Efficiencies
  2. A Department of Correction Success Story
  3. A Look at David Donahue's Career Path
  4. Commissioner sets guidance at Superintendent's Conference
  5. Commissioner Named to Habitat for Humanity Board
    1. Deputy Commissioner Ed Motley
    1. Commissioner fills key positions