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IDACS Committee

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Committee Membership

The IDACS Committee Meeting will be a structured business meeting where the focus will be on detailed discussions regarding the management of IDACS/NCIC along with administration and security topics. The following dates and locations in 2019 have been scheduled for the IDACS Committee Meetings:

  • We will not be holding the IDACS Committee Summer Meeting. Additional information will be provided by your Area Representatives, Liaisons, nexTEST News and by IDACS Openfox Messenger.
  • Winter Meeting December 2nd, 2020 beginning at 10:00 AM Indiana State Police Youth Education and Historical Center located at 8660 East 21st Street, Indianapolis, IN 46219, just south and west of the Interstate 70, Post Road exit on the east side of Indianapolis.

We also highly recommending that IDACS users attend an Area meeting. Area meetings will be held at least once between March 1st and May 31th (Spring Meeting) and at least once between September 1st and November 30th (Fall Meeting) each year. Such meetings shall be held to discuss IDACS/NCIC policies and operations, systems and training issues, the election of Area Representatives, and other matters as appropriate. Interested parties should contact their Area Representative under the Committee Members link above.

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