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School Leader Resources

In 2011, leading national education nonprofit TNTP launched a website for school leaders called the Teacher Talent Toolbox. The website houses hundreds of free tools contributed by successful schools, districts and states from around the country. Charter schools authorized by the ICSB may find useful tools on this website for managing their teaching staff.

The Indiana Department of Education ("IDOE") also serves as a resource for all school leaders, teachers and administrators. Several experts within the IDOE discuss important laws and policies that impact charter schools in Indiana in the video series entitled "Charter School Essentials." Videos from this series are included throughout this website. For guidance on whom to contact within the IDOE for assistance, please either call the ICSB at 317-232-7585 or the IDOE Main Office at 317-232-6610.

The IDOE Office of Educator Effectiveness and Leadership provides guidance to school corporations on the implementation of teacher evaluation legislation and locally developed annual evaluation tools. To watch a video explaining the teacher evaluation law and how it impacts charter schools, please click here. To visit the Office of Educator Effectiveness and Leadership webpage, please click here. For additional guidance, please click here.

The IDOE Office of Special Education works with Indiana schools and families to ensure that all eligible students with disabilities are provided a free appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment. The Special Education staff serves as a resource for all schools and can offer guidance regarding compliance with IDEA, provision of medication and due process rights, and sound fiscal management. To visit the Office of Special Education webpage, please click here. To watch a video of the Director of Special Education highlighting certain special education policies that pertain to charter schools, please click here.

McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act is the primary piece of federal legislation dealing with the education of children experiencing homelessness in U.S. public schools. To learn more about this Act, please visit the internet resources on the IDOE's website found here and the IDOE resources found here. To watch a video of an IDOE Staff Attorney explaining McKinney-Vento and its applicability to charter schools, please click here.