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Electronic Media Destruction

State agencies wishing to destroy electronic media may do so through IARA's Electronic Media Destruction Program. To begin the process, please complete and submit a SF 16 - Records Disposition Notification to IARA as outlined on the form. Electronic media should be boxed separately from any paper records for pick-up. Any and all records contained on electronic media must have reached the end of their scheduled retention period(s) before the media may be approved for destruction. If you have questions about electronic records or media, you may contact

Please note that the destruction of State-owned computer hardware undergoing PC Refresh is managed by the Indiana Office of Technology (IOT) and is subject to IOT's PC Removal Policy (12-02). IARA does not accept these materials.

For more information about IARA's Electronic Media Destruction Program, please contact:

Meaghan Fukunaga
Deputy Director, Electronic Records