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Featured Markers - Markers Needing Repair or Repainting

Thank you for your interest in the Adopt-a-Marker program.  If you’re looking for a marker to adopt, consider these, deemed most in need of repair.

Markers in need of repainting


08.1966.1 New Purchase Boundary
Carroll County
Post and marker need repainting.

42.1966.1 Shakertown
Knox County
Post and marker need repainting.

79.1995.1 Cairo Skywatch Tower
Tippecanoe County
Marker needs repainting.

Don’t see a marker near you? There are many markers throughout the state waiting to be featured. Contact us for suggestions, or search our Database for markers in your county in need of repair!

Markers available for sponsorship

Every now and then, an Indiana State Historical Marker application is terminated because the original sponsor is unable to raise funds, or unable to proceed for another reason. These markers are ready to be manufactured and need a new sponsor: