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Union Church--Footnote 1

Union Church Historical Marker

Footnote 1

August 12, 1843 Union Church organized as Freewill Baptist church at home of Harvey Marshall.

Cover of The Record of Union Church, August 12, 1843.

"August the 12th 1843. Met at the house of Harvy Marshall in Ripley County Jackson Township State of Indiana, . . . Considered the propriety of organizing a Freewill Baptist Church." Pages 2 and 3 of The Record of Union Church, listing the names of the members.

Pages 4 and 5 of The Record of Union Church, continuing the list of the names of the members. Record of Union Church, August 12, 1843, [1-3]. Photocopy of portion of original, pp. [1] through [15] (August 12, 1843 to March 16, 1844). Original in possession of Don Hughes, descendant of church member, David H. Hughes. First members of Union Church included Warren Roberts, Mary Roberts, Harvey Marshall, Eunice Marshall, Joseph Judd, Polly Judd, Sally Adams, William Stagg, Lawry [Laura] Marshall, Martha Marshall. Record of Union Church, [3-4].

The Freewill Baptist denomination strongly opposed slavery. Rev. John Robinson, The Testimony and Practice of the Presbyterian Church in Reference to American Slavery with an Appendix: containing the Position of the General Assembly (New School), Free Presbyterian Church, Reformed Presbyterian . . . Baptist, Protestant Episcopal, and Methodist Episcopal churches (Cincinnati, 1852), 251-52.