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The Lincoln Highway / The Ideal Section

Location: US 30/Joliet Street and Janice Drive, near 1212 US 30, Schererville (Lake County, Indiana).

Erected 1996 Indiana Historical Bureau, Northwest Indiana Lincoln Highway Association, Dyer and Schererville Historical Societies, Sand Ridge Bank, Welsh, Inc.

ID# : 45.1996.1


Side one:

United States' first transcontinental highway, constructed 1913-1928, from New York City to San Francisco. Dedicated to the memory of Abraham Lincoln. Conceived by Carl G. Fisher to encourage building "good roads." Sponsored by Lincoln Highway Association and supported by automotive industries.

Side two:

"Ideal Section" - 1.5 miles - of Lincoln Highway, completed 1923, designed and built as a model for road construction. Funded by county, state, and U.S. Rubber Co. Features included 100 foot right-of-way, 40 foot paved width, 10 inch steel-reinforced concrete, underground drainage, lighted, landscaped, bridge, and pedestrian pathways.


Transportation, Business, Industry, and Labor