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Second Baptist Church

Second Baptist ChurchSecond Baptist Local

Location: 1328 9th Street, at Reed Street, Columbus (Bartholomew County), Indiana 47201

Erected 1998 Indiana Historical Bureau, Cummins Engine Foundation, and Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana.

ID# : 03.1998.2

DRAFT Marker Review Report: Learn more here.

Note: Second Baptist Church leaders moved the marker to the side of the building and added a second local marker (not installed by the Indiana Historical Bureau)


Congregation was formed in 1879; reorganized in 1882 by the Reverend John R. Miller and a core of determined members. The present building, formerly a theatre, was acquired in 1913. This African-American church, like many others, has served its members as an educational and social foundation as well as a religious institution.


African American, Religion