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Harrison County Jail

Harrison County Jail

Location: SW corner of N. Capitol Avenue and Cherry Street, Corydon. (Harrison County, Indiana)

Erected by Corydon Chamber of Commerce, 1965

ID# : 31.1965.2


First Log Jail erected 1809. Spier Spencer, First Sheriff, was killed 1811 commanding the Harrison County Yellow Jackets in the Battle of Tippecanoe. During first twelve years, Harrison County had a whipping post where justice was meted out by floggings. Second Jail burned 1871 in one of Corydon's disastrous fires. Devin and Tennyson, two criminals, were taken from Jail 1889 by a band of White Caps and hanged on the West Bridge at Corydon. Third Jail, a brick structure, was razed 1964 to make way for present jail.


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