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Indiana University Southeast

IU SE Side One IU SE Side Two

Location: Indiana University Southeast, Sciences Greenhouses, 4201 Grant Line Rd., 4201 Grant Line Rd, New Albany (Floyd County), Indiana 47150

Installed 2021 Indiana Historical Bureau and the Trustees of Indiana University

ID#: 22.2021.1


Side One

As part of a system of extension centers across the state, Indiana University established the Falls City Area Center in Jeffersonville in 1941 to offer IU classes locally. With the expansion of the WWII defense industry along the Ohio River, the workforce grew and the campus thrived. The center continued to grow with the enrollment of veterans through the G.I. Bill.

Side Two

Renamed Indiana University Southeast as part of a statewide reorganization, the school awarded its first degrees, in nursing, in 1968. In 1973, at the behest of local business leaders, the campus relocated to New Albany and opened with four new buildings. Indiana University Southeast continues to contribute culturally and economically to the surrounding area.


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