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Canal Landing on Washington Street / Jefferson Park Mall

Canal Landing on Washington Street/ Jefferson Park Mall

Location: Washington & N. Jefferson Streets, Huntington. (Huntington County, Indiana)

Huntington Mall Merchants Association

ID# : 35.1973.1

Marker Review Report: Learn more here.


Side one:

The Huntington Landing started 120 feet west on Washington St. and continued to the lock at Cherry St. The Wabash & Erie Canal was 4 feet deep and 100 feet wide at this point. Other locks were at First St. and Byron St. The Canal was completed from Fort Wayne to Huntington on July 4, 1835, and from Toledo to Evansville, 459 miles, in 1854. The Canal preceded the railroad to Huntington by 20 years, spurring early settlement. The Canal was abandoned in 1873. [illustration of canal]

Side two:

Jefferson Street was closed to motor traffic and transformed into a landscaped and lighted walkway by private financial contributors in 1969. Jefferson Street was the Huntington segment of a pioneer route - the Fort Recovery to Goshen Road - travelled by settlers from Ohio to Lake Michigan and northwest areas in the 1830's. Here the Road bridged the Wabash & Erie Canal. [map of Wabash and Erie Canal]


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