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About the Marker Program

The Indiana Historical Bureau, a division of the Indiana State Library, administers the Indiana State Historical Marker Program under the authority of Indiana Code 4-23-7.2-11.

The Indiana State Historical Marker Program, which began in 1946, is a public-driven program, and its success rests on the partnership between applicants and the Indiana Historical Bureau. IHB accepts applications for new marker topics each year. These topics must demonstrate statewide and/or national significance and be supported with primary source documentation. IHB has committed itself to ensuring the topics marked represent the rich and diverse history of the state. Often, structures important in telling the history of marginalized communities are no longer preserved and markers play a significant role in returning these stories to the historical landscapes in which they belong. These cast aluminum signs, with raised gold lettering against a dark blue enamel background and silver-colored frame mounted on a post, can be found in nearly every county of the state.