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Hoosier Women at Work

Hoosier Women at Work for Suffrage and Citizenship

Call for Session Proposals

Join us for the fourth Hoosier Women at Work History Conference on Saturday, March 7, 2020 at the Indiana Historical Society. In commemoration of the 19th Amendment centennial, we’re making the conference better than ever with extra sessions, awards, a reception, and two keynote speakers: Dr. Anita Morgan, Senior Lecturer at Indiana University School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI and author of the forthcoming book about Indiana women's suffrage, “We Must Be Fearless;” and Jennifer Scott, Director and Chief Curator of the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

The theme “Suffrage and Citizenship” is broadly defined and could include examinations of Hoosier women’s work for the vote, equal rights, labor equality, reproductive rights, etc., as well as topics related to equal citizenship for women of color, immigrants, and those who identify as LGBTQ. The time period is not limited to topics from 1920 and prior. They could include, for example, women working for Civil Rights in the 1960s or Native American rights in the 1970s.

Please consider contributing your scholarship and ideas on women’s work for suffrage and/or citizenship. For well-developed projects, this could be in the form of a paper presentation or a panel discussion. For projects in the initial phases or that need additional feedback, consider taking part in a lightning round panel. Academic, student, and citizen historians are encouraged to participate. Prizes will be awarded for the three best graduate student papers: $300, $200, and $100 accordingly. Papers should be approximately ten pages and based on original research or a synthesis of scholarship. Summaries of panel discussions and lightning round presentation proposals are welcome as well. PowerPoint or other visual aids are encouraged.

To submit a proposal, send a one-page explanation of your paper or panel, or a paragraph explanation of your lightning proposal, as well as a short biography (about 150 words). The deadline for proposal submissions is January 2, 2020. E-mail submissions to Nicole Poletika at npoletika@library.IN.gov.The 2020 Hoosier Women at Work Conference is presented by:

Download a print-friendly version of the Call for Papers here.


Making Women's History

Why Indiana Women’s History?
. . . because, with few exceptions, women have been consistently left out of the story of the Hoosier state. On paper historians agree that including the histories of women and other marginalized groups provides a more complete understanding of the events that shape our communities, state, and world.  However, in practice, very few historians are researching, publishing, or posting on women’s history.  Having identified a dearth of resources on Indiana women’s history, organizers from various institutions, both public and private, came together to create this annual conference.  Hoosier Women at Work aims to energize the discussion of Indiana women’s history and make the papers, presentations, and other resources resulting from the conference available to all Hoosiers. READ MORE!