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Hoosier Women at Work Conference Papers

2016 Conference Papers

Hoosier Women at Work

Nancy N. Conner, "The Impact of World War II: Mexican American and Japanese American Women at Work in Indiana"

Ruth L. Fairbanks, "Expecting Trouble: War Production, Physicians and the Pregnant Worker"

Wendy Gamber, "Indianapolis’s Female Economy: The Work History of the Notorious Mrs. Clem"

Jyoti Verderame, "Flora Krauch: How a Progressive Era Working Woman Became Known as Mother to the Nation’s First Complete Children’s Wear Department"

Karen Wood, "Leading Hoosier Women in Wartime: How Kate Hevner Mueller Prepared Collegiate Coeds for World War II"

2016 Paper Abstracts

Laura Merrifield Albright, Women in Indiana State Government: Reflecting on 200 Years of Achievements

Katherine Badertscher, Evaline Holliday and the Work of Community Service

M. Teresa Baer, Susan Wallace: Eyewitness to Women's Places in the Victorian Era

Vivian Deno, Laurel C. Thayer, Self-Supporting Women, and the Struggle for Waged Equality in Early Twentieth Century Indiana

Norma B. Erickson, Unparalleled Helpfulness and Loyalty: An Introduction to the Early Training of African-American Nurses in Indianapolis, 1909-1921

Ashley Glassburn Falzetti, The Impact of Land Cession Treaties on Miami Women's Labor and Practice of Survivance

Amanda Koch, Woman with a Mission: The Superintendent's Wife at an Indianapolis Rescue Mission

Anita Morgan, "Blushing young virgins and elderly matrons?": Women Workers at the Indiana State Arsenal

Virginia F. Pleasant, Women's Contributions to Household Economy, Agriculture, and Education through Home Demonstration Clubs and Cooperative Extension Work

Khalilah A. Shabazz & Remitha Norman, Seven Pearls in Action: Reflections on Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated and its Contributions to Indiana's Youth and Women

Dani Tippmann, Takumwah, Leader through the Generations

Noraleen A. Young, "Help the Girls Win Out:" Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity and College Women in Indiana Prior to 1920

2017 Conference Papers

Hoosier Women at Work: Science, Medicine, and Technology

Kelsey T. Emmons Grimm, "The Women behind the Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology"

Alan Kaiser, "Archaeology, Sexism, and Scandal: The Long-Suppressed Story of One Woman’s Discoveries and the Man Who Stole Credit for Them"

Annette M. Scherber, "'Clean Clothes Vs. Clean Water,' Hoosier Women and the Rise of Ecological Consumption"

Peggy Seigel, "Fort Wayne’s Women Medical Pioneers"

2017 Paper Abstracts

Katherine Badertscher, Dr. Edna Henry and the Emergence of Social Work

Nancy Brown, Mothers against AIDS in Kokomo, Indiana

Norma B. Erickson, "...a better class of women...:" The Training and Formation of Medical Technologists, 1906-1965

Rachel Christine Fulk, The Indianapolis Maternal Health League, African American Birth Control, and Public Health

Jessica D. Jenkins, Visiting Nurses, Tuberculosis Assailants, and Their Ball Family Champions

Kristina Kimmick, Dr. Emma Culbertson, Surgeon and Gynecologist

Michelle M. Martindale, Gendering Technological Education at Purdue University, 1925-1940

Elizabeth Nelson, Gender, Labor, and Technology in the Making of a Patient Newspaper (1987-1993)

Angela Bowen Potter, "A short skirt and a tight white coat:" Affirmative Action Women at the Indiana University School of Medicine, 1974-1995

Grace Shymanski, Claire Repsholdt, & Kelly Kish, Making the Invisible Visible: IU Women at Work in Science

2018 Conference Papers

Hoosier Women at Work in the Arts

Lindsey Beckley, "Zerelda G. Wallace and May Wright Sewall: A Study"

Randi Beem and Melissa Gentry, "A Mother, Two Sisters, and the Other Lucina: A Story of Important Women in the Muncie Arts Community"

Deborah Divine, "Marie Webster and Her Quilts: Their Story"

Helen Mundy Hudson, "Susan Elston Wallace: Linking Deep History to an Environmental Ethic"

Nicole Kobrowski, "She Sleeps Well: Dr. Helene Elise Hermine Knabe"

2018 Paper Abstracts

Janna Bennett, The Museum Extension Project: "Bringing a Vision of the World to Those Who Otherwise Can Never See It"

Vivian Deno, Queer Notes in the Circle City: Women, Work, and the Archives

Jonnie Fox, Awkward Alliances and the Indianapolis Anti-Pornography Ordinance of 1984

Louise Hillery, Vivian Carter: The Woman Who Integrated Popular Music

Terri Klingelhofer, More than Shadows: Women in Puppetry in Indiana

Adrienne Provenzano, "Sunny Scenes and Deep Shadows:" The Lyrical Poetry of Sarah T. Bolton

Terri L. Russ, "I Knew My Limits:" An Oral History of Elizabeth Cullity of the South Bend Symphony Orchestra

Anna Stein, Wilhelmina Seegmiller: A Champion of the Democratization of Art Education

Lillian Cronin, Caitlin Mahoney, Alison Tipton, and Jamie Wagman, A Woman's Work is Never Done: How Matriarchs, Midwives and Mothers Maintain Households and Economies in Rural Indiana

Indiana Women's History Papers, Miscellaneous

Nicholas Flores, A Woman's Place: Women of the Indiana General Assembly, Past and Present (2010)

Archived Resource: Bibliography of Indiana Women's History Books and Articles (2007)