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Hoosier Women at Work

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Hoosier Women at Work for Peace and War

Save the Date: October 5, 2024 / Indianapolis

Join us in Indianapolis for the sixth Hoosier Women at Work History Conference on Saturday, October 5, 2024. More information about location, registration, and the call for papers will be announced in the spring.

This conference will combine historical research and discussion on the unique roles of women in peacebuilding and war efforts. Women’s work has been undervalued throughout history by patriarchal economic, political, and social systems, hindering a fuller understating of peace and war studies through the exclusion of women’s stories. This conference will seek to encourage fresh scholarship and dynamic discussion of how Indiana women impacted these larger global events and systems of power.

What has been the role of women working to eliminate violence? How are women of color and indigenous women potentially at work for peace in different ways? What unexplored roles have women taken on in times of war? How has colonization and war impacted women and girls? How did Hoosier women impact broader historical and current events? We encourage topics related to girls and women of color, indigenous women, women of immigrant origin, those who identify as LGBTQ, and women with disabilities.

Partners: Indiana Historical Bureau, Division of the Indiana State Library; Indiana Women’s History Association; Crown Hill Heritage Foundation; Indiana University, Indianapolis; Indiana State Museum

For more information contact: Jill Weiss Simins, Historian, Indiana Historical Bureau,

Making Women's History

Why Indiana Women’s History?
. . . because, with few exceptions, women have been consistently left out of the story of the Hoosier state. On paper, historians agree that including the histories of women and other marginalized groups provides a more complete understanding of the events that shape our communities, state, and world. However, in practice, very few historians are researching, publishing, or posting on women’s history. Having identified a dearth of resources on Indiana women’s history, organizers from various institutions, both public and private, came together to create this annual conference. Hoosier Women at Work aims to energize the discussion of Indiana women’s history and make the papers, presentations, and other resources resulting from the conference available to all Hoosiers. READ MORE!

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