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Indiana History Bulletin - 1998 index - Volume 69

Access Indiana 14
Access to Public Records Act: legislative action 28
Ade, John: Newton County 21
African-American History Month: Black Hoosiers in America's Wars 8; Bury Me in a Free Land 8; Digging for Your Roots 8
Allen County-Fort Wayne Historical Society 5
Allison: The People and the Power, A Pictorial History: by Joan Everling Zigmunt 7
American Association for State and Local History 6, 15, 22
Anderson Fine Arts Center 5
Angel Mounds State Historic Site 15
Association of Indiana Museums 6

Bartholomew County Courthouse: Bartholomew County: Historical Marker 34
Bedford Courthouse Square Historic District: Lawrence County: Historical Marker 14
Bierce, Ambrose G.: Elkhart County: Historical Marker 14
Bigham, Darrel E.: Towns & Villages of the Lower Ohio 12
Black Hoosiers in America's Wars: exhibit 8
Blakey, George: illus. 36
Bodenhamer, David J. (ed.): Voices of Faith 35
Boomhower, Ray 32; The Country Contributor 35
Buffalo Trace Route: Floyd County: Historical Marker 34
Bury Me in a Free Land: exhibit 8

Calder, J. Kent, and Susan Neville: Falling Toward Grace 35
Capehart, Homer E./GOP Cornfield Conference: Daviess County: Historical Marker 34
Carmony, Donald F.: illus. 12; Indiana, 1816-1850 12; Indiana History Chair 12
Cart, David 15
Cassell, Robert J.: Whitley County Historian: illus. 37
Castaldi, Thomas E. 23
Census Records: Indiana 1860 12
Chinworth Bridge: Kosciusko County: Historical Marker 34
Clinton, Hillary Rodham: illus. 17
Colonel Eli Lilly Civil War Museum 23
Conner Prairie 21, 22
Cornelius O'Brien Conference on Historic Preservation 21; illus. 33
Country Contributor: The Life and Times of Juliet V. Strauss: by Ray Boomhower 35
County Historian Program 37
Covered Bridges in Indiana: Focus #16 i
Cumberland Road Elementary School: Hamilton County 15

Daviess County Historical Society 5
Dearborn County Historical Society 5
Department of Indiana Heritage: proposed 27
Diebold, Paul: Greater Irvington 7
Digging for Your Roots: exhibit 8
Directory of Indiana Storytellers 12
Divita, James J.: illus. 14
Dodge Manufacturing Company: St. Joseph County: Historical Marker 34
Donald F. Carmony Chair in Indiana History: Indiana University 12
Doyle, Julie A. et al.: This Wilderness of War 12
Dr. Miles: The Life of Dr. Franklin L. Miles: by Martha Pickrell 7

1882 History of the Ohio Falls Cities, and Their Counties 35
Evansville Museum of Arts and Science 5

Fall of Fort Sackville: painting exhibited 8
Falling Toward Grace: Images of Religion and Culture from the Heartland: ed. by J. Kent Calder and Susan Neville 35
Fern Grove/Rose Island Resorts: Clark County: Historical Marker 34
57.1 Feet - The 1937 Flood Remembered: by Edmonds (Ed) J. Howard 7
Fincken, Hank: Three Midwest History Plays and Then Some 7
Floyd County Museum 5
Flynn, John Warren: illus. 16
Flynn, Stephen: illus. 16
Foreman, Judi: Culbertson Mansion State Historic Site 15
Fort Flora: Daviess County: Historical Marker 34
Fort Ouiatenon: Tippecanoe County: Historical Marker 14, 34
Friends of the Indiana State Archives 36
Fulton County Historical Society, Inc. 32
Fulton County's Round Barns: by Doris Hood 21

George Rogers Clark Day: February 25 8
German Greenhouses & Truck Gardens: Marion County: Historical Marker 14, 34
Giants in Their Tall Black Hats: Essays on the Iron Brigade: ed. by Alan T. Nolan and Sharon Eggleston Vipond 35
Gilreath, Jerry: interpreter 8
Goodson, Col. Felix E. (ret.): Indiana Guard Reserve 35
GOP Cornfield Conference/Homer E. Capehart: Daviess County: Historical Marker 34
Goshen Historical Society 5
Greater Irvington: Architecture, People and Places on the Indianapolis Eastside: by Paul Diebold 7
Greetings from Topeka, Indiana 7

Hadley, Paul 36
Hasler, Brian 36
Hawks, Howard W.: Elkhart County: Historical Marker 14
Hillsdale Steps: illus. 6; Vermillion County: Historical Marker 6
Hilltop Garden and Nature Center 5
Historic Bethlehem, Inc.: Clark County 5
Historic Forks of the Wabash: illus. 22
Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana 22, 32; illus. 22
Historic New Harmony 5, 15; illus. 15
Historical Markers:

  • Ambrose G. Bierce: Elkhart County 14
  • Bartholomew County Courthouse: Bartholomew County 34
  • Bedford Courthouse Square Historic District: Lawrence County 14
  • Buffalo Trace Route: Floyd County 34
  • Chinworth Bridge: Kosciusko County 34
  • Dodge Manufacturing Company: St. Joseph County 34
  • Fern Grove/Rose Island Resorts: Clark County 34
  • Fort Flora: Daviess County 34
  • Fort Ouiatenon: Tippecanoe County 14, 34
  • Fred A. Jewell: Greene County 14
  • German Greenhouses & Truck Gardens: Marion County 14, 34
  • GOP Cornfield Conference/Homer E. Capehart: Daviess County 34
  • Hillsdale Steps: Vermillion County 6
  • Howard W. Hawks: Elkhart County 14
  • Huggart Settlement: St. Joseph County 34
  • Indiana Territory Boundary Line: La Porte County 34
  • Lockerbie Square: Marion County 14
  • Madison and Indianapolis Railroad: Bartholomew County 34
  • McCurdy-Sears Building: Vanderburgh County 34
  • Muscatatuck Park: Jennings County 34
  • Portland Mills Covered Bridge: Parke County 14
  • Richland-Plummer Creek Covered Bridge: Greene County 14
  • Romanian Orthodox Church: Marion County 34
  • Salem Downtown Historic District/Washington County Courthouse: Washington County 14
  • Scribner High School: Floyd County 6

Historic Southern Indiana 35
Hood, Doris: Fulton County's Round Barns 21
Hoosier Millennium: by Judy O'Bannon 9; tool boxes: illus. 25; 36
Hoosier Millennium Task Force Legislative Committee 36
Hoosier Schools: Past and Present: ed. by William J. Reese 12
Hoover, Dwight W.: Pictorial History of Indiana 35
Howard County Historical Museum: illus. 15
Howard County Historical Society 5, 15
Howard, Edmonds (Ed) J.: 57.1 Feet - The 1937 Flood Remembered 7
Howard Steamboat Museum 23
Huggart Settlement: St. Joseph County: Historical Marker 34

Indiana, 1816-1850: The Pioneer Era: by Donald F. Carmony 12
Indiana Association of Historians 35
Indiana Close Up: illus. 32
Indiana constitutions, 1816 and 1851 36
Indiana Department of Natural Resources: Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology: Archaeology Week 15
Indiana Division, Indiana State Library 23
Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore 21
Indiana Governors' Portraits Collection 40
Indiana Guard Reserve: by Col. Felix E. Goodson (ret.) 35
Indiana Heritage Research Grant 21; Ninth Year Abstracts: Focus #17 i
Indiana Historical Bureau 36 Annual Report: Indiana History Bulletin: Vol. 69 No. 3 (Sept.)
Indiana Historical Society: 14, 15, 21, 22, 23, 33, 35, 36; time capsule 4
Indiana History Day 32; state competition: April 24, 1999 16
Indiana Junior Historical Society 19
Indiana Kids' Election 3
Indiana Library and Historical Board 11
Indiana State Library: Preliminary Plan for Services Regarding Indiana History 27
Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites 15, 35; Children and Sunlight: The Paintings of Ada Walter: illus. 6
Indiana State Museum Foundation, Inc. 23
Indiana Statehood Day: illus. 1, 36
Indiana Territory Boundary Line: La Porte County: Historical Marker 34
Indiana University 5
Indiana Resources Educating in the Arts, Culture, and History: I-REACH: illus. 31
Indianapolis Museum of Art 33
Inspire 23

James Whitcomb Riley: poems on audiocassette 7
Jewell, Fred A.: Greene County: Historical Marker 14
James Whitcomb Riley Sesquicentennial Committee 19
Jefferson County Historical Society 22

Kennedy, Peg, and Frankie Konovsek: Village of Brownsburg 35
Knightstown High School: illus. 12
Konovsek, Frankie, and Peg Kennedy: Village of Brownsburg 35

Larson, John L.: "A Good Idea at the Time" 1
Lawrence Central High School: "We the People" competition 4
Lee, Charles R., and Kathryn L. Nasstrom (eds.): "Practice and Pedagogy" 35
Leininger, Myrna 7
Lockerbie Square: Marion County: Historical Marker 14
Loser, John: illus. 17
L.S. Ayres Tea Room: Recipes & Recollections 35

Madison and Indianapolis Railroad: Bartholomew County: Historical Marker 34
Mahaney, Edie Kellar 22
Marion County Historical Society 14
Marshall County Historical Society 32
Matthews Covered Bridge Historical Society 5
McClellan, Ruth Miley (comp.): Pike County History 35
McCurdy-Sears Building: Vanderburgh County: Historical Marker 34
McLaughlin, Linda: Morris-Butler House Museum: illus. 4
McNett, Chris: illus. 17
Merritt, James W., Jr.: Passing the Torch 7; 36
Miami County Historical Society 5
Middletown Jews: The Tenuous Survival of an American Jewish Community: ed. by Dan Rottenberg 12
Miller, J. Irwin: illus. 36
Miller, Xenia: illus. 36
Minnetrista Cultural Center 32, 33, 36
Modisett, Jeffrey: Indiana Attorney General: Indiana Close Up 32
Monroe, Marie 7
Montgomery Township Cemetery Book 7
Muncie of Today: 1895: reprint 35
Munster Historical Society 22
Muscatatuck Park: Jennings County: Historical Marker 34
Museums At Prophetstown: Prophetstown State Park: Tippecanoe County 21, 30

Nasstrom, Kathryn L., and Charles R. Lee (eds.): "Practice and Pedagogy" 35
National Endowment for the Humanities 33
National History Day 16, 33
National Oral History Association 14
National Women's History Month 33
Neville, Susan, and J. Kent Calder: Falling Toward Grace 35
Newton County, A Collection of Historical Facts and Personal Recollections Concerning Newton County, Indiana, from 1853 to 1911: by John Ade 21
Newton County Historical Association 5
Newton County Historical Society 32
1998-99 Indiana Factbook 35
Nolan, Alan T., and Sharon Eggleston Vipond (eds.): Giants in Their Tall Black Hats 35
Northern Indiana Center for History 22, 35
Northwest Ordinance of 1787 3
Northwest Territory: bicentennial anniversary 3

O'Bannon, Frank: illus. 36
O'Bannon, Judy: Hoosier Millennium 9; illus. 1, 25, 36
O'Connor, Anne Mullin: Public Access Counselor 28
Ohio County Historical Society 5
Organization of American Historians 23
Otte, Sarah (Sally) Wilson: Indiana Library and Historical Board 11
Owen County Indiana Archives 33

Parman, Donald L. (ed.): Window to a Changed World 35
Passing the Torch: Preserving Indiana's Heritage: by James W. Merritt, Jr. 7; reviewed by Randall T. Shepard 13
Perry County Old Courthouse Museum 7
Perry, Rachel 23
Pickrell, Martha: Dr. Miles 7
Pictorial History of Clay County 21
Pictorial History of Indiana: by Dwight W. Hoover 35
Pike County History: Bicentennial Edition, 1776-1976: comp. by Ruth Miley McClellan 35
Poole, Joy 23
Portland Mills Covered Bridge: Parke County: Historical Marker 14
Portrait and Biographical Record of Delaware County: 1894: reprint 35
"Practice and Pedagogy: Oral History in the Classroom": ed. by Charles R. Lee and Kathryn L. Nasstrom 35
President Benjamin Harrison Home 14
Prophetstown Council for Preservation of Great Lakes Native American Culture 21

Reed, Suellen: illus. 1
Reese, William J.: Hoosier Schools 12
Richland-Plummer Creek Covered Bridge: Greene County: Historical Marker 14; illus. 14
Riley, James Whitcomb: illus. 19; poems on audiocassette 7
Ripley County History, 1818-1988 35
Romanian Orthodox Church: Marion County: Historical Marker 34
Ross, Hugh J.: Whiteland '33-'44-'94 7
Rottenberg, Dan: Middletown Jews 12
Ruth Lilly Special Collections and Archives 33

Salem Downtown Historic District/Washington County Courthouse: Washington County: Historical Marker 14
Scribner High School: Floyd County: Historical Marker 6
Sharp, Ronald: Through a General's Eyes 21
Shepard, Randall: illus. 36
Society of Indiana Archivists 3, 21
Special Places: A Community Discovery Resource Guide 7
Spirit & Place: A Gathering of Voices 21
Strauss, Julia V.: illus. 35
Study Outdoor Sculpture Kit 35
This Wilderness of War: The Civil War Letters of George W. Squier, Hoosier Volunteer: by Julie A. Doyle et al. 12
Three Midwest History Plays and Then Some: by Hank Fincken 7
Through a General's Eyes: by Ronald Sharp 21
Towne, Stephen 32
Towns & Villages of the Lower Ohio: by Darrel E. Bigham 12; illus. 20
Traces of Indiana and Midwestern History 32

Union County Historical Alliance 22

Vermillion County Indiana Historical Society 5
Vevay Cookbook 1901 7
Village of Brownsburg: by Frankie Konovsek and Peg Kennedy 35
Vincennes State Historic Site 15
Vipond, Sharon Eggleston, and Alan T. Nolan (eds.): Giants in Their Tall Black Hats 35
Voices of Faith: Making a Difference in Urban Neighborhoods: ed. by David J. Bodenhamer 35

Warren County Historical Society 32
Webster, Polly: Indiana History Day exhibit: illus. 24
Wells County Historical Society 32
Wells, Herman B: illus. 36
Whitcomb, Edgar D.: portrait 40
Whiteland '33 '44 '94: Hoosier Schoolday Memories of the Depression and War Years: by Hugh J. Ross 7
Whitewater Canal State Historic Site: illus. 23
Whitley County Historian: Robert J. Cassell 37
William Hammond Mathers Museum 5
Williamson, J. Reid 7
Window to a Changed World: The Personal Memoirs of William Graham: ed. by Donald L. Parman 35
Wylie House 5

Yohn, Frederick C.: "The Fall of Fort Sackville" 8
Young, Noraleen A. 7

Zigmunt, Joan Everling: Allison 7