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Indiana History Bulletin - 1997 index - Volume 68

A. E. Kunderd Gladiolus Farm: Elkhart County: Historical Marker 22
Adams County Historical Society 33
Adams, Donna 6, 13
African-American: archaeological site: illus. 20; history exhibit: illus. 15
Always A People: Oral Histories of Contemporary Woodland Indians: ed. by Rita Kohn and W. Lynwood Montell: illus. 28
American Association for State and Local History 5, 12, 22, 33
Anderson Fine Arts Center 13
Anthony Wayne flag: illus. 9
Archaeology Week in Indiana: illus. 20
Arndt, Karl J. R.: George Rapp's Disciples, Pioneers and Heirs 23
Artifact Box Exchange: illus. 19
Artistry and Ingenuity in Artificial Stone: Indiana's Concrete Bridges: by James L. Cooper 35
Arvin, Isobel: Artifact Box Exchange 19
As I Remember It, Reminiscences by Carl Anderson 23
Association of Indiana Museums 12: illus. 31
Atlas of Historical County Boundaries: Indiana: ed. by John H. Long 14

Baird, Lewis C.: Baird's History of Clark County 7
Baird's History of Clark County Indiana: by Lewis C. Baird 7
Bakehorn, Ray 6
Barrows, Robert G.: illus. 27
Ben Schroeder Saddletree Factory and Residence 5, 12, 33 illus. 21
Boomhower, Ray E.: Jacob Piatt Dunn, Jr. 28
Brewer, Neil: plays Harmon Bidwell 17

Camp Anderson: La Porte County: Historical Marker 7
Carmony, Donald F.: Indiana, 1816-1850: The Pioneer Era 25
Cayton, Andrew R. L.: Frontier Indiana 7
Clark Maritime Centre: illus. 40
Coal City Centennial History, 1875-1975 23
Community Foundation of Grant County 33
Conner Prairie 22
Cooper, James L.: Artistry and Ingenuity in Artificial Stone 35
Copshaholm 12
Cornelius O'Brien Conference on Historic Preservation 22
Courthouse Images: Rush County Courthouse at Its Centennial, 1896-1996 7
Cruise IN: A Guide to Indiana's Automotive Past and Present 35
Crumrin, Timothy: A Hoosier Miscellany 23
Culbertson Mansion: Floyd County: Historical Marker 22

Daniel Beem and His Descendants 23
Day, Christina: illus. 13
Delph, Jesten, and Mindi Walker: Pleasant Walk Cemetery Project 11
Department of Natural Resources 20
Dickson, Brent E.: illus. 4; Indiana's Constitutional Past: Focus #14
Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology 20
Dunn, Jacob Piatt, Jr.: illus. 28

Earlham College: A History, 1847-1997: by Thomas D. Hamm 35
Edwards, Jack L.: Home Place, Indiana: An Introduction 23
Effigy pipe bowl, Miami: illus. 1
Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art 9; In the Presence of the Past 1
Eleutherian College: illus. 33
Evans, David: Sherman's Horsemen 7

Fadely, James P.: illus. 27
Fadely, James P.: Thomas Taggart: Public Servant, Political Boss 14
Fairbanks School Mothers Club: illus. 19
Fall of Fort Sackville: painting by Frederick C. Yohn 16; story behind the painting 16
Feast of the Hunters' Moon: October 3-5, 1997 22
First Fifty Years, 1912-1962: An Oral History of Arsenal Technical High School: by Marjorie Lagemann Snodgrass 23
Freetown Village 12
Frontier Indiana: by Andrew R. L. Cayton 7
Fulton County Historical Society 12, 33

Gaff, Alan D.: On Many a Bloody Field 14
Gene Stratton-Porter: Voice of the Limberlost: video 7
Geography Educators' Network of Indiana: illus. 31
George Rapp's Disciples, Pioneers and Heirs: A Register of the Harmonists in America: by Karl J. R. Arndt 23
Gonyea, Ray 1
Goodspeeds History of Greene and Sullivan Counties, Indiana 1884 14
Governor inaugurated: illus. 15
Governors' Portraits Collection: illus. 29
Grathwol, Robert P. , Donita M. Moorhus, and Douglas J. Wilson: Oral History and Postwar German-American Relations 35
Gray, Ralph D.: Public Ports for Indiana 25, 40
Gugin, Linda C., and James E. St. Clair: Sherman Minton 35
Guide to African-American Printed Sources at the Indiana Historical Society 35
Guide to Women's History Materials in Manuscript Collections at the Indiana Historical Society 35

Hamm, Thomas D.: Earlham College 35
Harold, Lucas: Walking the Hardwood 14
Harris, Jeff 13
Harris, John: illus. 31
Hawkins, Hubert H.: illus. 4
Herdegen, Lance J.: The Men Stood Like Iron: 23
Hillforest Historical Foundation 12
Hiring a Contractor 23
Historic House Research Handbook 23
Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana 12, 21, 36
Historic Madison, Inc. 12, 21
Historic Southern Indiana 6, 12, 21, 34
Historical Markers: a current listing: Focus #15; application booklet with guidelines, forms 14; A. E. Kunderd Gladiolus Farm: Elkhart County 22; Camp Anderson: La Porte County 7; Culbertson Mansion: Floyd County 22; Indiana Federation of Colored Women's Clubs: Marion County: illus. 34; Kellar Grist Mill: Jennings County 22; Madison Hill Incline and Cut: Jefferson County 7; Normain Heights Subdivision: St. Joseph County 22; Ogden Dunes Ski Jump: Porter County 22; State Bank of Indiana: Floyd County 22; Stinesville Limestone Industry: Monroe County 7; illus. 14; The 'Ideal Section' and The Lincoln Highway: Lake County 7
History of Patricksburg, Indiana 23
Home Place, Indiana: An Introduction: by Jack L. Edwards 23
Hood, G. Stanley: South Side High School 7
Hoosier Folklore Society 22
Hoosier Miscellany: A Collection of Tales, Trivia and Tidbits about Early Indiana: ed. by Timothy Crumrin 23
Howard County Historical Society 5

'Ideal Section' : Lake County: Historical Marker 7
Iliff, David Gerard, Jr.: A Street Named Smith 7
In the Presence of the Past: The Miami Indians of Indiana 1; Anthony Wayne flag 9; CD-ROM resource 23
Indiana, 1816-1850: The Pioneer Era: by Donald F. Carmony 25
Indiana Association of Historians 34
Indiana Black Expo: illus. 30
Indiana Close Up 8
Indiana County Cemetery Commissions 20
Indiana Federation of Colored Women's Clubs: Marion County: Historical Marker: illus. 34
Indiana Heritage Research Grant Program: Eighth Year Abstracts: Focus #13
Indiana Historical Bureau 4, 30
Indiana Historical Collections: Volume 55: Public Ports for Indiana 25, 40
Indiana Historical Society 5, 12, 33; repository for the Indiana
Women's History Archive 19; video production 29
Indiana History Day: state competition: illus. 24
Indiana Humanities Council 5, 13, 33
Indiana Junior Historical Society 31
Indiana Library and Historical Board 27
Indiana Medical History Museum 21
Indiana Port Commission 25, 40
Indiana Source Book, Vol. 8: Genealogical Material from The Hoosier Genealogist 35
Indiana State Archives 30
Indiana State Historical Markers: A Current Listing: Focus #15
Indiana State Library 30; Indiana history services plan 27
Indiana State Library and Historical Building: Master Capitol Improvement Plan 3
Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites 34
Indiana Statehood Day: illus. 4
Indiana University Folklore Institute 12
Indiana's Constitutional Past: by Justice Brent E. Dickson: Focus #14

Jackson, Marion T.: Natural Heritage of Indiana 35
Jacob Piatt Dunn, Jr.: A Life in History and Politics, 1855-1924: by Ray E. Boomhower 28
Jefferson County Historical Society 33
Kellar Grist Mill: Jennings County: Historical Marker 22
Kemp, Thomas Jay: Virtual Roots 35
Kendallville Windmill Museum and Historical Society 33
Kimbrough, David L.: Reverend Joseph Tarkington 35
Kirk, Ruth 22
Kirkpatrick, Ralph: Local History and Genealogical Abstracts 7
Kohn, Rita, and W. Lynwood Montell: Always A People 28
Kwiatkowski, Phillip C. 34

Lawson, Susan C. 34
Leininger, Myrna 6
Library of Congress 23
Lincoln Highway: Lake County: Historical Marker 7
Lincoln Museum 21, 34
Local History and Genealogical Abstracts from Jonesboro and Gas City Newspapers, 1889-1920: by Ralph Kirkpatrick 7
Log Buildings of Southern Indiana: by Warren E. Roberts 14
Long, John H.: Atlas of Historical County Boundaries: Indiana 14

Madison Hill Incline and Cut: Jefferson County: Historical Marker 7
Madison, James H. 21
Maps & More 7
Marion Community Schools 33
Marion County/Indianapolis Historical Society: illus. 6, illus. 30
Marion Public Library 33
Marshall County Historical Society 22
Matthews, Kelley 32
McEwen, Barney R. 27
Memories of My Boyhood Days in My Old Home Town, Gosport, Indiana 23
Men Stood Like Iron: How the Iron Brigade Won Its Name: by Lance J. Herdegen 23
Miami Nation 1
Middletown Historical Society 21
Midwest Museums Conference: 22
Minnetrista Cultural Center 36
Moccasins, Miami: illus. 1
Monroe County Historical Museum 13
Monroe County Marriage Records, 1818-1881 14
Monroe County Marriage Records, 1882-1920 23
Monroe County Marriage Records, 1961-1970 14
Montell, W. Lynwood, and Rita Kohn: Always A People 28
Montgomery County Historical Society 33
Moorhus, Donita M. , Robert P. Grathwol, and Douglas J. Wilson: Oral History and Postwar German-American Relations 35
Musee de Venoge: illus. 6
Museums At Prophetstown, Inc. 33

National Women's History Project 36
Native Americans: Always A People 28; Miami Nation 1
Natural Heritage of Indiana: by Marion T. Jackson 35
1997 Huntington County Historic Sites and Structures Inventory 35
1997-1998 Directory of Indiana Foundations 23
Normain Heights Subdivision: St. Joseph County: Historical Marker 22
Northern Indiana Center for History 12

Ogden Dunes Ski Jump: Porter County: Historical Marker 22
Ohio River scenic route 5
On Many a Bloody Field: Four Years in the Iron Brigade: by Alan D. Gaff 14
Oral History and Postwar German-American Relations: Resources in the United States: by Robert P. Grathwol, Donita M. Moorhus, and Douglas J. Wilson 35
Oral History Association 12, 36
Overmyer, Jack K.: Stupendous Effort 35
Owen County Boundaries 23

Parker, Francis H., and Richard S. Simons: Railroads of Indiana 35
Pitcaithley, Dwight T.: illus. 13
Pleasant Walk Cemetery Project: by Jesten Delph and Mindi Walker: illus. 11
Polis Center 36; Project on Religion and Urban Culture 35
Public Ports for Indiana: A History of the Indiana Port Commission: by Ralph D. Gray 25, 40

Railroads of Indiana: by Richard S. Simons and Francis H. Parker 35; illus. 35
Reverend Joseph Tarkington, Methodist Circuit Rider: From Frontier Evangelism to Refined Religion: by David L. Kimbrough 35
Ripley County Historical Society 21
Roberts, Warren E.: Log Buildings of Southern Indiana 1

Sanford, Wayne L. 32
Seiberling Mansion 5, 34
Sherman Minton: New Deal Senator, Cold War Justice: by Linda C. Gugin and James E. St. Clair 35
Sherman's Horsemen: Union Cavalry Operations in the Atlanta Campaign: by David Evans 7
Sieber, Deb 13, 22
Simons, Richard S., and Francis H. Parker: Railroads of Indiana 35
Small, Sue 13
Smith, Jon C. 34
Snodgrass, Marjorie Lagemann: First Fifty Years, 1912-1962: 23
South Central Elementary School: illus. 17
South Side High School: The First Seventy-Five Years: by G. Stanley Hood 7
Southwind Maritime Centre: illus. 25
St. Clair, James E., and Linda C. Gugin: Sherman Minton 35
Starke County Court House 33
State Bank of Indiana: Floyd County: Historical Marker 22
Stinesville Limestone Industry: Monroe County: Historical Marker: 7; illus. 14
Street Named Smith: Adventure in Yorktown: by David Gerard Iliff, Jr. 7
Stupendous Effort: The 87th Indiana in the War of the Rebellion: by Jack K. Overmyer 35

Taylor, Cheryl 6
Teacher Travels through Time: Neil Brewer: illus. 17
The Children's Museum of Indianapolis 21
Thomas Taggart: illus. 14
Thomas Taggart: Public Servant, Political Boss, 1856-1929: by James P. Fadely: 14
Tippecanoe County Historical Association 21, 23
Turley, Jim 34

U.S. 40 5
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum 36
United States, State of Indiana, Monroe County Naturalization Records, 1854-1918 14

Vanausdall, John 6
Vanderstel, David: illus. 6
Virtual Roots: A Guide to Genealogy and Local History on the World Wide Web: by Thomas Jay Kemp 35

Walker, Mindi and Jesten Delph: Pleasant Walk Cemetery Project 11
Walking the Hardwood: Serving the Fleet from 21st and Arlington : by Lucas Harold 14
Weaver, Donna: illus. 6
Westchester Township Historical Museum 5
Where God's People Meet: A Guide to Significant Religious Places in Indiana: by Joseph M. White 35
White, Joseph M.: Where God's People Meet 35
White Lick Community Foundation 12
Who Do You Think You Are? The Peopling of Indiana: video on ethnic heritage: illus. 29
Wilson, Douglas J., Robert P. Grathwol, and Donita M. Moorhus: Oral History and Postwar German-American Relations 35
Women's history: by Barbara E. Zimmer: illus. 19

Yohn, Frederick C.: Fall of Fort Sackville 16

Zimmer, Barbara E.: Women's history 19