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Indiana History Bulletin - 1996 index - Volume 67

1816 Indiana Constitution: illus. 14
1995-1996 Directory of Indiana Foundations: Indiana Donors Alliance 5
1996 Directory of Indiana Museums 21
20th Century History and Biographical Record of LaPorte County, Indiana, A: by Rev. E.D. Daniels 13

Abstracts of the Records of the Society of Friends in Indiana 21
African-American Civil War Memorial: illus. 32
African-American Civil War Soldier Tribute: Crown Hill Cemetery 32
Alexandria-Monroe Historical Society 13
American Army in the Heartland: A History of Fort Benjamin Harrison, 1903-1995, The: by Stephen E. Bower 13
American Association for State and Local History 15; Alan Birkemeier: illus. 30; awards 7
American Association of Museums 15
Artifact Box Exchange 32
Association of Indiana Museums 15

Bachelder, Laura: Indiana Alma Maters 5
Bakehorn, Ray 23
Baker, Ronald: From Needmore to Prosperity 5
Ball State University Museum of Art 4
Ballantyne, Dorothy D.: Hobart Memories 31
Bartlett, Helen: God's Promise 5
Bartley, Betty 15
Battle Ground Elementary School: World Wide Web site 28
Beigh, Royce 5
Bell, Robert W. 23
Bigham, Darrel 27
Birkemeier, Alan: illus. 30
Bower, Stephen E.: The American Army in the Heartland 13
Brewer, Neil 13
Brockman, Bill 5
Brown County Historic Sites and Structures Inventory 13
Brown, Patricia Sanford: Seasons for Growing 13
Buffenbarger, Wilbur 15
Butler, David L. 23

C.A.N.D.L.E.S. Holocaust Museum & Education Center: Terre Haute 6
Carlisle, John C. 30
Cassell, Robert J. 15
Central Canal: Indianapolis 7
Chelich, Michael Allan: artist 24
Children's Museum of Indianapolis 14
Christianson, Elin B.: Hobart Memories 31
Clark, George Rogers: on World Wide Web: illus. 16
Clark, Nicholas 5
Conner Prairie 4, 15, 23, 30
Cooler Group, Inc. 1
Coppernoll, Marilyn: Miami County History 31
Cornelius O'Brien Conference on Historic Preservation 23; illus. 7
Courthouse Images: the Rush County Courthouse at Its Centennial, 1896-1996 5

Dan Quayle Center and Museum 4, 30
Daniels, Rev. E.D.: A 20th Century History: LaPorte County 13
Delaware County Historical Alliance 13; fundraiser 3
Dickson, Brent E. 27

Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art: Indianapolis 22
Epstein, Ellen and Jane Lewit: Record and Remember 13

Feast of the Hunters' Moon 23
Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory: Fort Wayne 4
Folklore Institute: Indiana University 4
Fountain Square: Indianapolis: illus. 6
Freetown Village 13
From Ben-Hur to Sister Carrie: by Barbara Olenyik Morrow 13
From Needmore to Prosperity: Hoosier Place Names in Folklore and History: by Ronald Baker 5
Fulton County Historical Society 14, 15, 21, 23

Gas City Historical Society 22
Gene Stratton-Porter: Voice of the Limberlost: workshop 23
Geography Educators' Network of Indiana 14
Gernand, Jean 4
God's Promise: History of Gethsemane U.M.C., 1895-1995: by Helen Bartlett 5
Goshen Historical Society 6
Governors' Portraits Collection: portrait of Governor Bayh: illus. 24
Gray, Kathleen 5
Greater Johnson County Community Foundation 14
Greenfield, Indiana: Origins and Reflections 1886-1925: by Joe Skvarenina 5
Greiner, Jim: illus. 21
Guide to the National Road: ed. by Karl Raitz 31
Guild Press of Indiana, Inc. 5

Habegger, David L.: Maplewood Roots 5
Hagan, Marylee: illus. 39
Hargrave, Homer 6
Harris, John M.: Internet Resources 13
Harris, Nadine 3
Henry County Historical Society: Web site 6
Herron Gallery 31
Historic Crown Hill Cemetery 23
Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana 4, 13, 14, 32
Historic Southern Indiana 27, 29
Historical Markers: Bates-Hendricks House: Marion County 23, 25; Borden Institute: Clark County 5; Camp Anderson: LaPorte County 25; Culbertson Mansion: Floyd County 25; David Turnham (1803-1884): Spencer County 5; Eugene Covered Bridge: Vermillion County 5; Evansville Cotton Mill: Vanderburgh County 25; Fort Benjamin Harrison: Marion County 23; Hartsville College: Bartholomew County 5; J. W. Patterson House: Grant County 25; Lawrence D. Bell: Kosciusko County 5; Lincoln Highway: Lake County 25; Madison Hill Incline and Cut: Jefferson County 25; Newport Covered Bridge: Vermillion County 5; Shaffer Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church: Delaware County 23; Slickville Tile Works: Delaware County 23, 25; Spencerville Covered Bridge: DeKalb County 25; State Bank of Indiana: Floyd County 23; Stinesville Limestone Industry: Monroe County 25; The Ideal Section: Lake County 25; Trail of Death: Tippecanoe County 22
History Day: 1997 materials: Focus #12 viii; Local Competition Winners: Focus #12 vi; national contest: Focus #12 viii; partnerships: Focus #12 vii; state winners: Focus #12 iv
Hobart Memories: ed. by Dorothy D. Ballantyne and Elin B. Christianson 31
Hobson, Evelyn 21
Hoosier Folklore Society 23
Howard County Historical Society 22
Howard County Museum: Ben Meyers 30
Howard Steamboat Museum 15

I-REACH: new exhibit 8
Indiana Alma Maters: Student Life at Indiana Colleges, 1820-1860: by Laura Bachelder 5
Indiana Association of Historians 4, 30
Indiana Comprehensive Genealogy Database 32
Indiana Donors Alliance: 1995-1996 Directory of Indiana Foundations 5
Indiana Farm Bureau 4
Indiana Federal Census Records: illus. 35
Indiana Heritage Research Grant Program: Seventh Year Abstracts: Focus #10 i
Indiana Historical Bureau 27; I-REACH: illus. 8; Indiana Close Up program 7; Web site 6
Indiana Historical Society 6, 15, 27; bibliographies 31; Ethnic History Project 11; Indiana Newspaper Project 21; new headquarters: illus. 20; obtains Riley materials 22
Indiana History Day 30
Indiana Humanities Council 14
Indiana Junior Historical Society 14
Indiana Library and Historical Board 25; accept recommendations 40; Advisory Committee 9; Advisory Committee recommendations 17
Indiana Magazine of History 4
Indiana Newspaper Project 21
Indiana Photographers Project 6
Indiana State Archives 1; 1816 Indiana Constitution: illus. 14
Indiana state flag: competition 34
Indiana State Library 14; genealogy section: Indiana federal census records 35
Indiana State Library Administration's Preliminary Plan for Services 40
Indiana State Library and Historical Building 22; renovation 1
Indiana State Museum 15, 23, 29; I-REACH 8; sports gallery: illus. 12
Indiana State Museum Society: Hoosierisms 13
Indiana University: art museum: Lilly Library 15; Indiana folklife 15 Indianapolis Athenaeum 12
Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum: The Speedway-Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow 21
Indianapolis Museum of Art: illus. 4
Indiana's Pioneer Heritage and the End of the Twentieth Century: by James H. Madison: illus.: Focus #11 i
Internet Resources for Museum, Library and Archive: technical leaflet 13
Interpretation Conference 23, 30

Jackson County Heritage Alliance 33
Jefferson County Historical Society: John Paul's Court Records 13
John Paul's Jefferson County Court Records: Jefferson County Historical Society 13
Johnson County Museum of History Cookbook 5
Jones, Jeanne E. 23
Jontz, Polly 31

Karl Raitz: Guide to the National Road; National Road 31
Key Renaissance Middle School: Indianapolis 16
Kosciusko County: A Pictorial History 21
Kwiatkowski, Phil 23

Lake County Historical Society 4
Lake County Interim Report: Historic Sites and Structures Inventory 21
Lanier Mansion State Historic Site 15
Lantern Road Elementary School: in Fishers: illus. 20
Lee, William C.: Reaching Out 31
Lewit, Jane and Ellen Epstein: Record and Remember 13
Lincoln Highway: Warsaw 6
Lincoln Museum: Fort Wayne 30

Madison, James H.: Indiana's Pioneer Heritage: Focus #11 i
Maplewood Roots: Growing in Faith, The History of Maplewood Mennonite Church, 1960-1995: ed. by David L. Habegger 5
Marsh, John 5
Marshall County Historical Society 31
Marshall County Historical Society Museum 22
Martinsville: A Pictorial History: by Joanne R. Stuttgen 13
McBirney, Connie A.: Peopling Indiana 11
Miami County Historical Society 14
Miami County History: Tom Mix Remembered - Give or Take a Myth or Two: by Marilyn Coppernoll 31
Miami County Museum 31
Miami Indians of Indiana: A Persistent People, 1654-1994: by Stewart Rafert: illus. 5
Midwest Museums Conference 23
Miller, Pat: Internet Resources 13
Monroe County Historical Society Museum 31
Montgomery County Historical Society 21
Morris Butler House 30
Morrow, Barbara Olenyik: From Ben-Hur to Sister Carrie 13
Museum Assessment Program 32

National Archives 32
National Road: ed. by Karl Raitz: illus. 31
National Women's History Project: Women Change America 13
Native America in the Twentieth Century: An Encyclopedia 5
Nettle Creek Valley Museum: formerly Historic Hagerstown 22
Nolan, Alan T.: illus. 13
North Manchester Historical Society 4
Northeast Document Conservation Center 6
Northern Indiana Center for History 30
Northern Indiana Historical Society 4, 13

Oral History Association 32

Peopling Indiana: The Ethnic Experience: ed. by Robert M. Taylor, Jr. and Connie A. McBirney: illus. 11
Please Touch: Sensory Tours for People with Disabilities 5
Poland Historical Society Inc. 30
Porter, Marcia C. 29
Potawatomi Trail of Death: illus. 33
Powell, Catherine 31
Presenting the Past: The 1997 Conference on the Teaching of History 33
President Benjamin Harrison Home 4, 15, 21, 23

Quilt of Indiana symbols 34

Rafert, Stewart: The Miami Indians of Indiana 5
Raitz, Karl: National Road 31
Reaching out: The First 150 Years of Trinity English Lutheran Church: by William C. Lee 31
Record and Remember: Tracing Your Roots Through Oral History: by Jane Lewit and Ellen Epstein 13
Rentschler, Roxie 30
Rogers, Lee 15
Ruegamer, Lana 4
Russick, David 31

Schepper, Wilmadean 30
Schroeder, Mary 31
Seasons for Growing: The Diaries of Lizzie A. Dravenstatt, 1870-1928: ed. by Patricia Sanford Brown 13
Seibel, Dr. Robert 15
Semmel, Marsha 5
Sheehan, Bernard 23
Skvarenina, Joe: Greenfield, Indiana 5
Smith, Harry 4
Smith, Virginia 28
Speedway - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: IMS Hall of Fame Museum 21
Sprague, Nancy, 34
Statehood Day 27; illus. 14
Studebaker National Museum 30
Stuttgen, Joanne R.: Martinsville: A Pictorial History 13
Switzerland County Junior Historical Society 22

Taylor, Robert M., Jr.: Peopling Indiana 11
Tippecanoe County Historical Association 21, 22, 28
Topeka Area Historical Society 32
Trone, Pete 31

Vanderstel, David G. 15
Vigo County Historical Society and Museum: pharmacy collection 39

Warrick County Scenes, Sites, and Citizens: A Pictorial History 5
Weinzapfel, Connie 23
Western History Association 15
Where God's People Meet: A Guide to Significant Religious Places in Indiana: by Joseph M. White 21
White, Joseph M.: Where God's People Meet 21
Whitley County Historical Museum 33
Women Change America: National Women's History Project 13
Wylie House Museum: Bloomington 4

Zionsville Historical Society 21