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Indiana History Bulletin - 1994 index - Volume 65

African-Americans: African-American Culture School Program 33; Black American Military Heritage Exhibit 14; "Exploring African-American History": Morrison-Mock Elementary 20, 31; History of Fourth Ward: Focus #5 viii; "Indiana's 28th Regiment: Black Soldiers for the Union" 14; Negro Register: illus. 6; oral history tapes: Focus #4 iv; Second Baptist Church, New Albany: Focus #4 vi; survey of historic sites 5
Allen County/Fort Wayne Historical Museum 31
ALWAYS A RIVER: The Ohio River and the American Experience 1
American Association for State and Local History 15
American Traditions: Art from the Collections of Culver Alumni 15
Amish Style, Clothing, Home Furnishings, Toys, Dolls and Quilts: by Kathleen McLary 7
Anderson Public Library 14
Angel Mounds 22
Anthrop, Mary 5
Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Museum: symposium 11
Aurora 21

Backroads: A Legacy of Southeast Dubois County, Indiana: by Forest Park High School students 17
Bakehorn, Ray 13
Baker, Conrad 40
Baker, Dodie 5
Baker, Sue Edwards: Hancock County Tombstone Inscriptions 15
Ballantyne, Dorothy D., and Elin B. Christianson: Growing Up in Hobart 21
Banks, Eric: illus. 20
Barefoot, Beth: Morrison-Mock Elementary: illus. 20
Barnard, Bob: A Time to Harvest 7
Bartholomew County: Simmons School history: Focus #4 viii
Bartley, Betty 23
Bennett, Pamela J. 8, 9, 16; illus. 31
Berger, Michael 33
Bethlehem Lutheran Church: history project: Focus #4 iv
Bibliography on History-Making, A: ed. by Lois Silverman 21
Blackford County Courthouse: illus. 6
Bolinger, Meriam 5
Booker T. Washington School 5
Boulders: in search of: illus. 32
Brazil High School Gymnasium: illus. 4
Bryant, Betty: Here Comes the Showboat 1
Buddy System Project: illus. 20
Buettner, Julius: illus. 17
Buffenbarger, Wilbur 13
Bundy, Alice Ann: A Glimpse of Pioneer Life: Focus #4 vi

Calumet Region: historical resources: Focus #5 iv
Calumet Regional Archives: preserving negatives: Focus #4 vi
Carroll County 6
Catlin, Andy: illus. 20
Cedar Lake: historic photographs: Focus #5 iv
"Celebration of the Automobile and its Effect on Humankind": symposium 11
Centerville 22
Christianson, Elin B.: Growing Up in Hobart 21
Civic Cathedrals: by Donald E. Hamilton 4; videotape: Focus #4 viii
Civil Defense poster 39
Clark County Historical Society 13, 14
Clayton, Alex: illus. 17
Clements, Jean: illus. 31
Cole, Charles, Jr.: Lion of the Forest 1
Community Foundation GIFT (Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow) 19
Computer Resources: "Exploring African-American History" 31; Governors' Portraits Collection 40
Conner Prairie 7, 14, 21, 23, 31, 33
Coppernoll, Marilyn: Miami County History series 15
Copshaholm 5
Council of Defense, 1917-1918: available at State Archives 31
Crenshaw, Gwen: African-American historic sites survey 5
Crown Hill Cemetery 23
Crown Point 6
Culbertson Mansion: illus.: restoration: Focus #5 ii
Culiver, Elizabeth 17

Davis, Harry: illus. 24
Dearborn County 6
Dearing, Diana 21
Decatur County during the Depression Years: Focus #4: illus. i
Delaware County 20; Moore-Youse Home: Focus #4 iii
Diamond Jubilee of Women's Right to Vote 32
Dillinger: The Untold Story: by G. Russell Girardin with William J. Helmer 15
Dollison, Mary: Morrison-Mock Elementary: illus. 20
Dorrel, Ruth: Working in the Vineyards of Genealogy 15; comp.: Indiana Source Book VII 31
Doughtery, Richard "Mike" 23
Dudley, Frank V.: illus. 7

Earnest, Russell D.: Grandma's Attic 7
Eiteljorg Museum of American Indian and Western Art 5, 23
Emmert, Rock 17
Encyclopedia of Indianapolis, The 28
Ernie Pyle State Historic Site: Dana 31
Evansville: old courthouse and sheriff's residence: Focus #4 v
"Exploring African-American History": educational program 31

Feast of the Hunters' Moon 5
Federal Census of Sullivan County, 1820-1910: Sullivan County Public Library 31
Ferdinand: collection organized: Focus #5 ii; history of: Focus #4 ii
Fincken, Hank: California Trail: illus. 3
Flashbacks of Lives and Times in Cedar Lake: Focus #4 ii
Flood: State Archives: illus. 25
Floyd County Museum 31
Forest Park High School: Backroads 17
Forks of the Wabash Historical Guide: Focus #4 ii
Fourth Ward, Indianapolis: Focus #5 viii
Franklin County 6
Freetown Village 22
Fulton County Historical Society 13, 14

Gadski, Mary Ellen: Indianapolis Architecture 7
Gary: Focus #4 vi
Genealogist's Guide to Fraktur, The 7
German-American Family Records in the Fraktur Tradition 7
Gibson County 6
Girardin, G. Russell: Dillinger: The Untold Story 15
Girls' High School Sport: Focus #5 vii
Glimpse of Pioneer Life In Jennings County, A: by Alice Ann Bundy: Focus #4 vi
Governors' Portraits Collection 40
Grandma's Attic: Making Heirlooms Part of Your Family History: by Russell D. Earnest 7
Grants: Indiana Historical Society 6
Greater Lafayette Museum of Art 5
Greater Lafayette: A Pictorial History: by Fern Martin and Paula Woods 31
Green River Road: From Cornfields to Concrete: by Hebron Elementary students 17
Greiner, Jim: Morrison-Mock Elementary: illus. 20
Grimmer, Anne E.: Preserving Historic Building Materials 15
Grissom Air Museum 33
Growing Up in Hobart: ed. by Dorothy D. Ballantyne and Elin B. Christianson: illus. 21

Hagan, Marylee 5
Hamilton County 19
Hamilton County Courthouse 22
Hamilton, Donald E.: Hoosier Temples: Civic Cathedrals 4
Hammond Historical Society 33
Hancock County Tombstone Inscriptions, One Hundred Years, 1833-1933: by Sue Edwards Baker 15
Hanou, John 5
Harstad, Peter 8
Hartley, W. Douglas: Otto Ping 21
Harvey, Conrad 5
Hebron Elementary School: Green River Road 17
Helmer, William J.: Dillinger: The Untold Story 15
Hendricks County Historical Society 23; contest winners 31
Here Comes the Showboat: by Betty Bryant 1
Hillforest Heritage Education Program for Youth 21
Hillforest Historical Foundation: Aurora 31
Hispanic-Americans: in Indianapolis: Focus #5 iii
Historic Forks of the Wabash: illus. 22
Historic Homes and Sites of Greater Cincinnati 22
Historic Indiana 1994: A Guide to Indiana Properties listed in the National Register of Historic Places 15
Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana: 21; 10 Most Endangered Landmarks list 6; Library & Information Center 31; survey of African-American historic sites 5; Warren Township Interim Report 15
Historic Madison Foundation, Inc. 29
Historic New Harmony 5, 21
Historic Southern Indiana 21
Historical Society of Ogden Dunes 28
History Day: Focus #6
History Day, Indiana: 1995 contest dates: Focus #6 vii; computers 20; District Winners' Schools: Focus #6 vi; State contest winners: Focus #6 iv; Volunteer opportunities: Focus #6 iii; workshop planned 23
History Day, National: 1994 Outstanding State Entry: Morrison-Mock Elementary 20; 1995 theme: Focus #6 viii
History of McKinley Lodge 1919-1994 21
History of Owen County Indiana 12
Hobart Historical Society 21; Hobart Memories 32
Home Place: Pleasant Grove Cemetery 19
Hoosier Temples: A Pictorial History of Indiana's High School Basketball Gyms: by Donald E. Hamilton 7; Focus #4 i
Hour Glass: Ogden Dunes: illus. 28
Howard County Historical Society 6
Howard Steamboat Museum 14; illus.: Focus #4 vii
Hunt, Michael O. 21
Huntington County, Indiana: History & Families, 1834-1993 7
Hurst, Joe: illus. 17

Ilgen, Dorothy 33
Iliff, David Gerard, Jr.: The Lost Tribe of Ben-Hur 31
Indiana Arts Commission 24, 33
Indiana Association of Historians 33
Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame 4
Indiana Birthday Read-IN 8
Indiana Center for the Book 30
Indiana Division manuscript collection 9
Indiana Division Pamphlet Conservation Fund: illus. 16
Indiana Dunes State Park: Prairie Club: Focus #5 vii
Indiana Friends of the Archives 25
Indiana General Assembly 13
Indiana Heritage Research Grant Program: Fourth Year Abstracts: Focus #4; Fifth Year Abstracts: Focus #5
Indiana Historical Bureau 16, 24
Indiana Historical Society: 9, 21, 25; 1994 photographic contest 23; annual meeting 23; fellowships offered 33; grant programs 6; National Women's History Month 1; photographic contest winners: illus. 5; Spring Conference 14
Indiana History Bulletin 3, 16, 24, 40
Indiana Humanities Council 33
Indiana Junior Historical Society 24
Indiana Library and Historical Board 3, 9
Indiana Medical History Museum: 13; illus.: Focus #4 iii; research materials preserved: Focus #5 iv
Indiana Source Book VII: comp. by Ruth Dorrel 31
Indiana State Archives: Archives and Records Administration 25, 31; Gibson County Negro Register: illus. 6
Indiana State Library: Indiana Division: pamphlet collection: illus. 16
Indiana State Museum 5, 19, 23, 24, 33; illus. 7
Indiana State Police Youth Education and Historical Center 32
Indiana State University 23
Indiana Statehood Day: illus. 8
Indiana War Memorial: Black American Military Heritage Exhibit 14
Indiana Women's Archives Board, Inc. 1
Indiana Women's History Archives, Inc. 7
Indianapolis Architecture: Transformations Since 1975: ed. by Mary Ellen Gadski 7
Indianapolis Art League 5
Indianapolis history: illus.: Focus #5 v
Indianapolis Museum of Art 14, 31
Indianapolis Zoological Society: archives: Focus #4 iii; oral history: illus.: Focus #5 iii
"Indiana's 28th Regiment: Black Soldiers for the Union": The Indiana Historian 14
Inventory of Special Collections in Libraries: Focus #4 vii

January, Alan 25
Jelly Roll, Bix, and Hoagy: Gennett Studios and the Birth of Recorded Jazz: by Rick Kennedy 15
Jennings County: Focus #4 vi
Johnson, Branden: illus. 20
Johnson, Jennifer: illus. 31
Johnston, Ella Bond 27
Jontz, Polly 31

Kennedy, Rick: Jelly Roll, Bix, and Hoagy 15
Key Renaissance School 8
Kirby, Robert: illus. 24
Knox County: records preserved: illus.: Focus #5 v
Kohn, Rita, and W. Lynwood Montell: Ohio River Valley Series 1
Kokomo 22

Lake County: index to school enumeration records: Focus #4 i
"Language of the Land: Journeys Into Literary America": exhibit at Indiana State Library 30
LaPorte: history: Focus #5 iv
Latham, Charles, Jr.: William Fortune: A Hoosier Biography 31
Legacy Fund, Inc. 19
Limestone Industry: in Monroe and Lawrence Counties: illus.: Focus #5 viii
Lion of the Forest: The Ideas and Career of James B. Finley: by Charles Cole, Jr. 1
Living History Village: Fulton County: illus. 13
Lost Tribe of Ben-Hur, The: by David Gerald Iliff, Jr. 31
Madison, Dr. James H. 5
Marion County 6
Marion County-Indianapolis Historical Society 13
Markers, historical: Birthplace of the Coca-Cola Bottle 22; Blackford County Courthouse 32; Central Canal 32; funding deadline 16; Indiana Avenue 22; Indiana School for the Blind 32; Tipton County Courthouse 22
Marshall County Historical Society Museum 23
Martin, Fern, and Paula Woods: Greater Lafayette: A Pictorial History 31
McGregor, Laressa: illus. 20
McLary, Kathleen: Amish Style 7
McMillin, Katie 23
McQuinn, Melanie 32
McWilliams, Andrea: illus. 17
Mechtersheimer, Sue: Ogden Dunes 28
Mexican American Harbor Lights: A Pictorial History: Focus #4 v
Mexican-Americans: in East Chicago: Focus #4 v
Miami County Historical Society 13, 32
Miami County History series: by Marilyn Coppernoll: A Short History 15; Frances Slocum 15; Grissom Air Force Base 15; Miami Indians 15
Miami Indian Life, 1873: Focus #4 vi
Michna, Mary Ann 5
Mills-Varnell, Ruth: illus. 27
Minnetrista Council for Great Lakes Native American Studies 7
Minnetrista Cultural Center 14
Moman, Charles: educational computer resource 40
Monroe County 6
Montgomery County 6; marriage records: illus.: Focus #5 i
Montgomery County Historical Society 5
Moore-Youse Home: illus.: Focus #4 iii
Mooresville Public Library: Focus #4 v
Morris, Wendy: illus. 24
Morrison-Mock Elementary School: Buddy System Project 20
Motivate Our Minds 20
Muncie Children's Museum 31
Muscatatuck Woodland Rendezvous 14
National Archives 33
National Register of Historic Places: round barns 13
Native Americans: Miami Indian Life: Focus #4 vi; Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act 33; oral history: Focus #5 vi; Trail of Death 13
Negro Register: Gibson County 6
Nelson, Audrey 5
New Albany: Second Baptist Church: Focus #4 vi
New Castle Chrysler High School fieldhouse: illus.: Focus #4 i
New Harmony Visitors Guide 21
Newlin, J. Ronald 4
Noble County Historical Society 13
Northeast Document Conservation Center 6
Northern Indiana Center for History: Worker's Home: illus. 33

O'Brien Conference on Historic Preservation 14
Ogden Dunes 28
Ohio County 6
Ohio River: guide to collections: Focus #4 vii; lock and dam: history: illus.: Focus #5 vii; valley 1
Ohio River Valley Series: by Rita Kohn and W. Lynwood Montell 1
O'Neal, Alexander 5
Oral History Research Center: lists holdings 31
Orange County 6
Organization of American Historians 22
Otto Ping: Photographer of Brown County, Indiana, 1900-1940: by W. Douglas Hartley: illus. 21
Our Heritage Lights the Future: History of Ferdinand, Indiana: Focus #4 ii
Owen County: archives 12
Owen County Historical and Genealogical Society: illus. 12
Owen County History & Genealogy: history magazine 12
P.H. Sullivan Museum 15
Pamphlet Collection: Indiana Division, Indiana State Library 16
Papers of William Henry Harrison, 1800-1815: Indiana Historical Society 21
Patoka Valley: oral history: Focus #5 ii
Peiffer, Geraldine 33
Petty, Lorrie 5
Pleasant Grove Cemetery: Home Place, Hamilton County: illus. 19
POLIS Research Center: Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis 28
Porter, Cole: videotape documentary: illus.: Focus #5 v
Porter County 6
Posey County 6
Potato Creek State Park: Focus #5 iii
Prairie Club: Focus #5 vii
Preserving Historic Building Materials: Wood, Paint, Masonry, Concrete, & 20th Century Building Materials: ed. by Anne E. Grimmer 15
Putnam County: photographs: Focus #5 vi
"Puzzles and Paddlewheelers": educational program 31

Race Relations History Project 13
REACH Program 24, 31
Reed, Dr. Suellen 8, 17
Religion: role in history 11
Rhodes, Thomas Andrew 5
Richards, Ron: illus. 19
Richmond Art Museum: illus. 27
Riker, Dorothy L. 39
Ristine, Richard O. 5
Robinson, Solon 6
Rosebud Trail Rendezvous 14
Round Barn Festival 14
Rowley, Dorothy H.: LaPorte history: Focus #5 iv
Rush County Historical Society 13
Russell, Jonathon: early Kokomo home 32

Schiefer, C.R. 24
Schroeder, John Benedict "Ben" 29
Schroeder Saddle Tree Factory: Madison: illus. 29
Seiberling Carriage House 22
Shoulders, Andy: illus. 17
Silverman, Lois: A Bibliography on History-Making 21
Simmons School: illus.: Focus #4 viii
Sims, Quishia: illus. 20
Slavens, Thomas P.: Sources of Information for Historical Research 21
Smith, Barbara Weaver: illus. 33
Society of American Archivists: illus. 7
Sotkiewicz, Jerome 5
Sources of Information for Historical Research: by Thomas P. Slavens 21
South Shore Line: Focus #5 i
Speed: cement industry: Focus #4 iv
St. Joseph County: Potato Creek State Park: Focus #5 iii
Stacier, John: Schroeder Saddle Tree Project: illus. 29
Steinmetz, Bill 5
Stewart, Michele 24
Stillwell, Norvella 17
Striegel, Martin C. 13
Studebaker: illus.: Focus #5 vi
Studebaker National Museum: Focus #5 vi
Stutzman, JoAnne V. 23
Sullivan County 31
Sunnyside Middle School: Lafayette mural: illus. 32
Swiss Colonization Society: Focus #4 iv

Tarnacki, Kim: illus. 8
Technical Assistance Grants 14, 33
The Indiana Historian 28
Thompson, Philip Mason 5
Time to Harvest: The Farm Paintings of Franklin Halverson, A: by Bob Barnard 7
Tippecanoe County Historical Association 5, 23
Tippecanoe County Historical Museum 13
Trail of Death: Regional Historic Trail: illus. 13
Tree Free Paper 32

Ukrainian-Americans: in northwest Indiana: Focus #5 vi
Upper Patoka Valley Research: Focus #4 ii

Vanderburgh County Courthouse and Sheriff's Residence: illus.: Focus #4 v
Vietnam and Korean Wars Memorials: illus. 30
Vigo County Historical Society 5; illus. 22
Vincennes Area Chamber of Commerce 21
Voyageur's Rendezvous 14
Wabash County 6
Wabash County Authors and Their Books, 1848-1993 15
Wallace, Alvetta S. 6
Warren Township Interim Report: Historic Landmarks Foundation 15
What Shall I Write Handbook: For Editors of Family and Genealogical Society Newsletters, The 7
White, Raymond O., Jr. 23
"Why Women's History?": exhibit 7
William Fortune: A Hoosier Biography: by Charles Latham, Jr. 31
Winkler, Priscilla 13
Women's History Resources: catalog 7
Woods, Paula, and Fern Martin: Greater Lafayette: A Pictorial History 31
Working in the Vineyards of Genealogy: comp. by Ruth Dorrel 15
Wyandotte Cave: Focus #5 vi

Youngman, Peter: Historical Society of Ogden Dunes 28

Zollinger, Vivian 12