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State and National Standards

State Standards

4.1.8 Summarize the participation of Indiana citizens in the Civil War.

4.1.15 Using primary and secondary source materials, generate questions, seek answers, and write brief comments about an event in Indiana history.

National Standards

Standard 2: Historical Comprehension

B. Reconstruct the literal meaning of a historical passage.

C. Identify the central question(s) the historical narrative addresses.

H. Draw upon the visual data presented in photographs, paintings, cartoons, and architectural drawings.

Standard 3: Historical Analysis and Interpretation

F. Analyze illustrations in historical stories.

J. Hypothesize influences of the past.

Standard 4: Historical Research Capabilities

A. Formulate historical questions.

Standard 5: Historical Issues—Analysis and Decision-Making

A. Identify problems and dilemmas in the past.

B. Analyze the interests and values of the various people involved.

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