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Lecture Outline

Document 1-1

1) Gendered Roles Prior to the Civil War (Indiana)

Include here a brief discussion on the following excerpt from soldier Samuel Mattox of Vigo County to his wife, Ann (Document 1-2): Might want to write this on the board or put on overhead for students to read along

I am getting to be very thrifty. I have learnt how to take care of myself…. I do all my washing and am getting to be a pretty good cook. So you see, if I ever get home I will be a pretty good female.

a) Women

i) Inside the Home

(1) Most women "employed" within their homes

(2) General tasks included: laundry, cooking, sewing, gardening, and taking care of the children

ii) Outside the Home

(1) Some women were employed outside of their homes

(a) Generally employed in domestic sphere: sewing and household servants

(2) Women employed outside the home in non-domestic positions tended to be single or widowed women and positions included teaching and factory work

b) Men

i) Men typically held all Public Sphere positions, including politics, factories, trade laborers, etc.

ii) In Indiana especially, many men worked on the farm

(1) Handled cash crops

(2) Took care of the larger farm animals

(3) Constructed buildings and fences

(4) Oversaw market transactions

2) Women's Activities During the War

Include here a discussion of Governor Morton's Appeal To the Patriotic Women of Indiana (Document 1-3): Might want to put this on the board or an overhead for students to read along

a) Physical, Emotional, and Psychological Contributions to the War

i) Provisions and Supplies

ii) Letters, Photographs, Mementos

iii) Nurses / Hospitals / Care of Soldiers

iv) Social Activities

Indiana Women in the Civil War Sections