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Complete one of the four activities listed below for tomorrow:

1)         Write a letter to a soldier serving in the war. Describe what your typical day includes (this will depend on your “occupation”), how the war has affected you, and what your opinions or feelings are towards the war.

2)         Write an article, poem, or song for a local newspaper. Describe the various activities that the women of your community are involved with, and how these activities are influencing the war, the soldiers, and the women.

3)         Draw a collage, depicting the various activities that women and men are involved with because of the war. (Be sure and indicate the impact these various activities have on each individual – Hint: a nurse comforting a dying soldier is likely to be feeling what?)

4)         Write the marker text for an Indiana Historical Marker describing the activities of Indiana women during the Civil War and the impact of those activities on the overall war effort using the marker template provided

Indiana Women in the Civil War Sections