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IAH Call for Papers

Call for Papers: Indiana Association of Historians, 37th Annual Meeting

Ivy Tech-Lafayette, February 17-18, 2017

Nothing has influenced the historical development of the modern era quite like the rise of mass literacy and education.  Recognizing 2017 as the 500th anniversary of Luther’s posting the 95 Theses, the Indiana Association of Historians invites papers and panels addressing the long and profound consequences of placing the scriptures in the hands of the people—and by extension including “the people” in the public discourse generally through literacy and education.  Three hundred years later Indiana’s first legislature tried to implement the promise of free public education laid down in the state’s first constitution.  One hundred forty-six years after that Indiana established the Ivy Tech Community College system, our host for the 2017 meeting, as a part of the continuing effort to deliver on those early promises of public education.  In a way Luther can be credited (or blamed) for our modern traditions of literacy and education, popular democracy, skepticism toward authority, critical inquiry, and the use of inflammatory rhetoric.  The program committee welcomes proposals on any aspect of these issues during the last 500 years.

The committee welcomes submissions from college and university scholars, K-12 history educators, public historians, graduate students and independent historians.  All presenters must be present at the conference.

Conference papers (approximately 10 pages/2500 words) may be based on original research, synthesis of scholarship, or participant experience.  Panels should consist of two or three papers with comments.  Single papers will be considered.  Please submit one-page proposals and a one-page CV for each participant.

Deadline:  November 11, 2017 to the address below.  Email submissions encouraged.

IAH Program 2017

c/o Fay Chan

Department of History

Purdue University

West Lafayette, IN  47907


Founded in 1980, the IAH is the statewide organization of historians with a mission to furnish opportunities for persons within the state’s historical community to become acquainted, to share research and ideas, to promote and strengthen the historical profession, and to encourage the pursuit of history by the general public.  Visit for membership information.