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National Poetry Month

The following is an archived post from the IHB blog Marking Hoosier History.

Go, Winter! Go thy ways! We want again
The twitter of the bluebird and the wren;
Leaves ever greener growing, and the shine
Of Summer’s sun–not thine.–

Thy sun, which mocks our need of warmth and love
And all the heartening fervencies thereof,
It scarce hath heat enow to warm our thin
Pathetic yearnings in.

So get thee from us! We are cold, God wot,
Even as _thou_ art.–We remember not
How blithe we hailed thy coming.–That was O
Too long–too long ago!

Get from us utterly! Ho! Summer then
Shall spread her grasses where thy snows have been,
And thy last icy footprint melt and mold
In her first marigold.

-Go Winter! By James Whitcomb Riley

It’s National Poetry Month, and it’s finally warm outside!  If you’re close to Indianapolis, a great way to celebrate could be a visit to the James Whitcomb Riley Museum Home. (Learn more about the Hoosier Poet through IUPUI Digital Archives).

While you’re in the neighborhood, take a walk down the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. There are seven shelters along the trail designed by architect Donna Sink that feature the poetry of Indiana writers.  One such poet is IUPUI professor Karen Kovacik who was recently selected as the Indiana State Poet Laureate by the Indiana Arts Commission.  Read her featured poem Invisible Movements.

You can also explore more Indiana Poets through Dr. Kovacik’s blog, No More Corn, or from the Academy of American Poets.  The IHB Book Shop also carries a handful of Indiana poetry books you can add to your collection.