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Underground Railroad Research in Indiana

With cooperation from the National Parks Service, research grants were awarded to research the UGRR in Indiana. Out of the research, books were created and are currently available to the public for a nominal fee. The books cover 34 counties in Indiana. If you are interested in any of the books please contact the Indiana Historical Bureau.

All books are $5.00 each (no additional discount). Purchasing information.

Jeannie Regan-Dinius et al., Underground Railroad Research in Select Indiana Counties (2003) - Order No. 6103

There are many images of documents and places and each chapter concludes with endnotes and a bibliography. The following are the essay titles:

"Federal Court Cases: Holdings at the National Archives, Chicago" by Jeannie Regan-Dinius
"Gateway to Freedom: New Albany-Floyd County, Indiana" by Pam Peters
"Grant County" by Students at Marion High School
"Huntington and Wabash Counties" by Jeannie Regan-Diniius
"Kankakee & St. Joseph river Valleys of Indiana" by Terry GoldsworthyMaxine Brown, The Role of Free Blacks in the Underground Railroad Activities of Central Indiana (2001) - Order No. 6095.

Diane P. Coon, Southeastern Indiana's Underground Railroad Routes and Operations (2001) - Order No. 6096.

Hurley Goodall, The Invisible Road to Freedom Through Indiana as recorded by the Works Progress Administration Writers Project (2001) - Order No. 6094.

Marlene Lu, Walkin' the Wabash: The Underground Railroad on the Wash River and Wabash & Erie Canal in Western Indiana (2001) - Order No. 6097.

Angela Quinn, The Underground Railroad in Allen County and Fort Wayne (2001) - Order No. 6098.

Mills, Randy Ph.D., Mark Coomer, et al. Underground Railroad Activity in Southwestern Indiana (2001) -
Order No. 6092.

Dona Stokes-Lucas et al., Interpretive Stories Associated with the Underground Railroad in the Indianapolis Area, Order No. 6093.

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