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The 1999 Indiana Mortality Report provides a summary of all the deaths of residents in Indiana during 1999 classified by the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems Tenth Revision (ICD10) cause of death code. Summary tables have also been developed for each county and selected cities within the state. The information provided in these tables is intended for health professionals, students, legislators, and others interested in the health status of the Indiana community.

This edition of the Indiana Mortality Report is the first to use the ICD10 causes of death code. ICD9 was used from 1978 to 1998. For most causes of death, there will not be an exact match to data in previous reports.

This edition is also the first to use the 2000 standard million population to age-adjust the mortality rates. Previous reports used the 1940 standard million population. Rates in this report are not comparable to rates in previous reports due to the different standard million populations used for calculation of the rates. Table 1a lists 113 major causes of death for Indiana residents for 1995-1998 using the 2000 standard million to calculate the age-adjusted rates to allow for comparison.

Another new table (2) lists deaths from 67 causes of infant death for Indiana residents.

Information is provided to the state on each cause of death under the authority of Indiana State Code 16-1-15-5.

The leading causes of death and populations of interest are provided in the tables within the Highlights section. The intent of this publication is to provide information to assess the changing health status of the community, to develop resources and interventions in areas of need, and to improve modifiable health risk behaviors for adverse health conditions.

Table of Contents