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Indiana Certified Radon Testers and Mitigators

According to the Indiana Radon Rule, 410 IAC 5.1, everyone who is serving Indiana by doing radon testing, analysis and mitigation (radon reduction) in residential structures must be certified by the Indiana State Department of Health. The three categories for radon tester are Radon Laboratory Tester, Primary Radon Tester and Secondary Radon Tester. There is only one category for Radon Mitigator. The category definitions listed below are in accordance with 410 IAC 5.1.

The Radon Laboratory Tester is an individual, who manufactures passive monitors or analyzes passive monitors for radon. He/she may also place passive monitors and measure radon utilizing active monitors. He/she is the full-time employee or employer, who shall be responsible for all laboratory activities. He/she may also perform the functions of the "Primary Radon Tester" and the "Secondary Radon Tester". (Most of the individuals, who are Radon Laboratory Testers, work for a laboratory, which sells and analyzes detectors for the public. For instance, if someone wants to test their own home, they can call a laboratory to purchase a detector.)

The Primary Radon Tester is an individual, who measures radon with active monitors. He/she may also place passive monitors, but may not analyze passive monitors. He/she may also perform functions as a "Secondary Radon Tester", however, he/she may not perform functions of a "Radon Laboratory Tester". (If someone wants to hire an individual to do a test, they can call the Primary Radon Tester or the Secondary Radon Tester. [Ex: for a real estate transaction]).

The Secondary Radon Tester is an individual, who places and/or retrieves passive monitors. He/she may not perform any functions as a "Primary Radon Tester" or a "Radon Laboratory Tester". (This individual sends the monitors [or modems the data] to a certified lab for analysis).

The Radon Mitigator is an individual, who repairs or alters a building to reduce radon levels. He/she may represent a company, but must be a full-time employee or employer, who shall be responsible for all mitigation activities.

Passive Monitors - Charcoal Canisters, Alpha Track Detectors, Liquid Scintillation Detectors, Electret Ion Chamber Detectors, femto-Tech 510M Monitors, and Radalink TeleMonitors.

Active Monitors - Continuous Radon Monitors and Continuous Working Level Monitors.