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VFC Providers

IDOH Immunization Staff Directory Maps

Indiana Policies and Procedures

VFC Forms & Quick Reference Guides

Patient Eligibility Screening Resources

Forms to support VFC-enrolled providers in ensuring VFC eligibility screening takes place with each immunization visit for all patients.

Vaccine Inventory & Wastage Forms

Forms to support VFC-enrolled providers in managing and maintaining an adequate inventory of vaccines for both VFC eligible and non-VFC eligible patients.

Enrollment & Disenrollment

Off-Site Clinic Forms

CHIRP Quick Reference Guides

Grantee QAR Resources

Grantee QAR Submission Quick Reference Guide

Storage and Handling

2020 CDC Storage and Handling Toolkit (Jan. 2020)

Packing Vaccines for Emergency Transport

Data Loggers

Storage Units and Equipment

Temperature Logs

Vaccine Order Management System (VOMS)

Please visit the CHIRP VOMS page for VOMS paperwork and information.

Contact your field representative, educator, or the Immunization Division for more information. You can send an email to immunize@isdh.in.gov or call the toll free number at (800) 701-0704.