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Information for Midwives

Frequently Asked Questions for Midwives

Q: Who is a community birth partner?mom holding baby

A: Midwives, doulas, and other birth attendants providing support before, during, or after delivery outside of the hospital setting.

Q: I am a midwife, but I don't work in a hospital setting. Do I still need to follow Indiana laws, codes and best practices?

A: Yes, regardless of whether you are a direct-entry midwife or a nurse midwife, you are still mandated by the state to ensure newborn screening occurs and is reported to IDOH GNBS for each infant delivered. This means every midwife must be set up to submit Monthly Summary Reports (MSRs) in INSTEP. For more information about MSRs, contact our NBS Follow-up Care Coordinator at or 818-815-0006

Q: What does the GNBS Program do with the information I submit in the MSRs?

A: Our mission is to ultimately reduce infant mortality in Indiana. This data, along with birth certificate information, helps the GNBS Program identify and follow-up with families as quickly as possible.

Q: What if I am the birth attendant, but I do not typically perform heel stick, pulse oximetry, or hearing screenings?

A: It is the responsibility of the physician or midwife, whoever oversees the birth, to educate the family about the importance of each of the three (3) screens, and ensure the family is referred to have the screens performed. In the case that the family wishes to refuse one, two, or all three of the screens, it is the responsibility of the physician or midwife to have the parents complete and sign a Religious Waiver and enter this as an exception within your MSR (upload the completed Religious Waiver within the exception when prompted).

Q: Who do I contact if I need help with newborn screening?

A: Contact the Genomics and Newborn Screening Program by calling us at 888-815-0006 or emailing us at

Additional Resources for Midwives:

NewSTEPs 360 has developed two newborn screening videos for midwives and home birth providers.