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Certificate of Free Sale

A Certificate of Free Sale (COFS), required by Indiana HB 1169, Section 49, is evidence that goods, including food items, are (1) legally sold or distributed in the open market freely without restriction; and (2) approved by the regulatory authorities in the United States.

Indiana prepares certificates for Indiana firms only. Firms must have a current registration with the Indiana Food Protection Division and an inspection report within the past five years of the request that indicates the firm is in “good standing”.

Indiana firms include: Manufacturer, processor, packager, distributor, or warehouser that is registered with the Indiana Department of Health Food Protection Wholesale Division and:

  • physically located in Indiana.
  • physically located in Indiana exporting products from a firm in another state.
  • firms in another state exporting products from a firm physically located in Indiana.
  • COFS are available in the English language only. The standard certificate heading is Certificate of Free Sale. You may also request that the wording Health Certificate is added. Certificates are valid for 1 year from the notarized date.


    Order Certificate of Free Sale

    The online ordering system allows Indiana firms to place an order, upload required documentation and use a credit card to pay for the order. You will receive updates regarding your order to the email address you provide with your request. The online portal is featured with an automatic verification procedure to only allow businesses that are in good inspection standings eligible to request the COFS.

    The ordering process is as follows:

    1. First-time users will fill in and submit the "User Information" form in the portal.

    2. After submitting the user information form, first-time users will need to contact the Food Protection Division at 317-233-1974 or by email to complete the account set-up and have their facility added to their account. Users will receive an email once set-up is complete.

    3. Once the account is set up, users can login to the portal, complete the "Certificate of Free Sale (COFS) Request Form, and submit payment.

    Orders may take up to 4 weeks to process but can take longer if a facility inspection is required before issuance.

    Order Certificate of Free Sale

    Orders may take up to 4 weeks to process

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