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Contact Information

Food Protection Division
2 North Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone: (317) 234-8569
Fax: (317) 233-9200

Submit a Food Safety Complaint

TDD/TTY number: (317) 233-5577
Administrative email:

Note: The Food Protection Division does not administer SNAP. If you have questions or wish to apply for SNAP, TANF (cash assistance) or Medicaid (health coverage) please contact the Indiana Family & Social Services Administration, Division of Family Resources at (800) 403-0864.

Local Health Departments

The primary role in public health and safety often lies with the local health department. Responsibilities of the local health departments include, among others, residential sewage disposal, retail food inspections, vital records, public health nursing, housing, vector control, and nuisance issues. Their authority to address these public health and safety issues frequently exceeds that of the State Department of Health. The local health department is also an excellent source for technical information and assistance.

Other Federal or State Agency Information

Consumer Inquiries: 888-463-6332

FDA Food
General Website
Acidified & Low-Acid Canned Foods
Dietary Supplements

Meat and poultry sold in interstate commerce
USDA Foods – General Website

Indiana State Board of Animal Health
Dairy, Meat and Poultry sold in-state.

Indiana State Egg Board
Purdue University
Animal Science Department
Poultry Science Building
West Lafayette, IN 47907
Phone: 765-494-8510