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Data Analysis and Risk Factors Home

The Data Analysis Team (DAT) is currently composed of nine team members. With a vision to provide a comprehensive view of health and a context for the health challenges of Indiana residents, our team interprets health data across the lifespan to understand and improve health outcomes for all Hoosiers.

We prepare six annual reports on the health status and demographics of Indiana residents. These reports are used by legislators and health professionals to make critical decisions affecting the health and well-being of the citizens of Indiana. They provide information on births, deaths, marriages, maternal and child health, and other public health matters.

Annual Reports and Data Sources

Interactive Query Tools & Dashboards

These tools incorporate a sub-section of data provided in the annual mortality and natality reports. All dashboards include data for seven years (2013-2020). The most current year for final data is 2020.

Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)

We also prepare annual BRFSS reports, newsletters, and fact sheets on health risks, prevention efforts, and chronic disease in Indiana. This information is used by various program areas throughout the Agency to measure the health status of Hoosiers and assess our progress toward better health behaviors. The data also allow comparisons with other states and national standards.