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Long Term Care Leadership Conference 2021

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Moving Forward & Recognizing Concerns

The Indiana Healthcare Leadership Conference “Moving Forward & Recognizing Concerns” was held Tuesday, November 2, 2021. The conference was a virtual event for healthcare providers. Recordings and presentation slides of the conference sessions are available below.

Reflecting on the Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic

Kris Box, M.D., FACOG – State Health Commissioner

Looking back over the COVID-19 pandemic – challenges and opportunities, the lasting impact on hospitals, nursing homes, and healthcare workforce, and how we prepare Indiana for the next public health emergency.

Recording | Slides

"Never the Same..."

Rebecca Bartle, RN, MSN, HFA

From the hearts and minds of front-line caregivers – a reflection of both personally living through and loving through the height of the pandemic.  This session will bring to a fine-point lessons learned, while providing stories of reflection, gratitude, and finding new inspiration to serve another day.


Riding the Waves of a Pandemic: Building Resiliency

Laurie Gerdt, LMHC – Quality and Patient Safety Advisor – Indiana Hospital Association

We do not need to look at statistics to understand and feel the levels of stress the healthcare workforce is experiencing; we are living it. This presentation will focus on activities that build resiliency both on an individual level and organizationally so that we can better weather these stormy pandemic seas.


Acute & Chronic Wound Management

Shark Bird, MD, CMD, CWSP – Vohra Wound Physicians

This session will focus on the various types of wounds commonly encountered in the post-acute setting, including pressure wounds, venous wounds, arterial wounds, diabetic neuropathic wounds, and surgical wounds.  Also, what drives the selection of wound treatments.


Facility Wound Rounds & Infection Control

Shark Bird, MD, CMD, CWSP – Vohra Wound Physicians

This session will focus on the key elements in proper conduction of wound rounds and how to reduce infection through proper infection control practices.


Transforming the Long-term Services and Support after COVID

Dan Rusyniak, MD – Secretary, Indiana Family and Social Services

Dr. Rusyniak will discuss the initiative being led by Family & Social Services Administration to transform Indiana’s long-term services and support system and how this will result in more Hoosiers being able to age at home.