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Laws Governing the Cancer Registry

State Laws

In 1985, the General Assembly of the State of Indiana passed Public Law 174-1985 establishing a cancer registry. Hospitals and other medical providers began reporting on January 1, 1987. The law has been amended several times since then. IC 16-38-2 is the current law.

Title 410, Article 21, Rule 1 of the Indiana Administrative Code, 410 IAC 21-1 (PDF), establishes regulations governing the Cancer Registry. Note this file includes all of Article 21, not just Rule 1.

Federal Laws

Public Law PL 102-515 (PDF) is the "Cancer Registries Amendment Act," a Federal law that establishes the National Program Of Cancer Registries (NPCR).

The "Benign Brain Tumor Cancer Registries Amendment Act", Public Law PL 107-260, adds benign brain-related tumors as an additional category of data to be collected.