Hoosier Care Connect for the Aged, Blind and Disabled

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Hoosier Care Connect Frequently Asked Questions (updated 8/25/2017)

Hoosier Care Connect Overview

What is Hoosier Care Connect?

  • A new coordinated care program for Hoosiers age 65 and over, or with blindness or a disability who live in the community and are not eligible for Medicare.
  • In Hoosier Care Connect you enroll with a health plan that provides most of your Medicaid-covered benefits.
    • A health plan, also called a managed care entity (MCE), is a group of doctors, pharmacies and hospitals that work together to help you get the health services you need.

How is Hoosier Care Connect different from Traditional Medicaid?

  • You will receive full Medicaid benefits plus:
    • Enhanced benefits like disease management and wellness programs
    • Help from a health plan to connect with healthcare providers and specialists
    • Care coordination services based on your needs including:
      • Education on how to better manage your health and any chronic illnesses
      • Help in getting connected to medical, behavioral health and community resources
      • Support after you are discharged from the hospital to help you stay healthy and keep follow-up appointments
    • Access to a 24-hour Nurse Helpline

Action Needed

  1. Learn more about each health plan (Anthem and Managed Health Services [MHS])
  2. Call the Hoosier Care Connect Helpline to choose your health plan
    • It is better for you to choose so you can get the care you need from your own doctor who knows your medical history

Questions about Hoosier Care Connect? Call 1-866-963-7383

Questions about Hoosier Care Connect? Call 1-866-963-7383