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Operating Policy & Procedure

Child Mental Health Wraparound services

Indiana's Division of Mental Health and Addiction has been given the authority by the Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning to administer the Center for Medicaid Service approved 1915(i) Child Mental Health Wraparound services state plan amendment. The design of the services program was jointly developed by DMHA and OMPP.

Public comment notice

State plan amendment and Indiana rule

All services are provided according to the federal and state regulations and mandates set forth by the SPA and Medicaid:

Operating policy and procedure

The provider manual outlines the expectations and requirements mandated by DMHA and OMPP regarding the CMHW services program. The provider is responsible for reviewing and understanding the content in the manual. The Provider is also responsible to adhere to all Medicaid requirements as they pertain to providing and billing for the CMHW services: