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Behavioral Health Services Continuum of Care

The Division of Mental Health and Addiction sets care standards for the provision of mental health and addiction services to Hoosiers to ensure that youth and families have access to quality services that promote individual, family and community resiliency and recovery. DMHA is responsible for the following initiatives in order to meet the unique needs of Indiana’s youth and family:

  • Certifies all Community Mental Health Centers and Addiction Treatment Services. DMHA requires CMHCs to provide the following services as a part of the continuum of care:
    • Individual treatment plan
    • 24 hour a day crisis intervention
    • Case management to fulfill individual patient needs
    • Outpatient services
    • Acute stabilization services
    • Residential services
    • Day treatment
    • Family Support
    • Medication evaluation and monitoring
  • Administers Medicaid Rehabilitation Option services designed to assist youth in working towards and attaining optimum functional ability in daily living activities. MRO services include the following:
    • Addiction counseling
    • Behavioral health counseling and therapy
    • Behavioral health level of need redetermination
    • Case management
    • Child & Adolescent Intensive Resiliency Services
    • Crisis intervention
    • Intensive Outpatient Treatment
    • Medication training and support
    • Peer recovery services (approved youth ages 16 or 17)
    • Skills training and development
  • Requires that the CMHCs act as “gatekeepers” to facilitate a youth’s transition both in and out of a State Operated Facility; the goal being to promote continuity of care and on-going planning for the youth’s integration into the community.
  • Oversees the operation of the six psychiatric hospitals, two of which serve children and adolescents. The focus of the SOF is on recovery and getting youth at a level of functioning that enables them to live outside of a SOF. The SOFs serving youth include:
    • Evansville Psychiatric Center
    • La Rue D. Carter Memorial Hospital
  • Acknowledges the DCS-licensed Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities as a part of the full-continuum of care that is needed to assist with the varied needs of Indiana’s youth and families. The focus of the PRTF care is to provide a secure, consistent environment to deliver mental health and/or addictions care, when home and community-based services are not sufficient enough to safely address a youth’s intense mental health or addiction needs. There are 16 PRTFs in Indiana that provide out-of-home care for children ages 6 – 21.
  • Provides funding support for mental health and addiction services to target populations needing Intensive Community-Based Alternative Programs. These are state and federally funded programs can be accessed through the State’s DMHA-approved Community Access Sites. The Access sites provide the following function to the communities they serve:
    • Provide a local resource, linkage and support for families seeking mental health and/or addictions services.
    • Provide a point of access and assessment for Intensive Community-Based Alternative Programs (e.g., intensive home and community-based Wraparound services).
    • Assist in determining youth/family eligibility for state and federally funded service programs.
    • Assist in the recruitment of DMHA-certified service providers.
    • Remain knowledgeable about community resources and assist in connecting youth and families with the services and supports they need.
    • Promote and support the local system of care.