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Referral information

All patients are admitted to the NeuroDiagnostic Institute only upon referral from a community mental health center, commonly referred to as a gatekeeper. The gatekeeper is the clinical liaison between your mental health center and the NDI and facilitates admission to the hospital as well as your ultimate discharge back to the community under the care of your mental health center. A list of the mental health centers and contact information is available by clicking here.

The NDI is a state psychiatric hospital that does not accept walk-up admissions.  The hospital also, only provides inpatient serves.  If a patient is in need of outpatient services they may contact their local mental health center, who will connect them to services in their area.

Patients referred to the NDI, from a mental health center, are admitted to the hospital, Monday through Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. If a relative or friend comes with you for support during your admission, they may be interviewed and should be prepared to stay to complete the admission process.

Adult patients are admitted under civil commitment or criminal order of the court. Youth patients are admitted voluntarily by their parent or legal guardian.

If you have any questions about admission to the NDI please email Debbie Raughter at