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Education and training

NeuroDiagnostic Institute provides on-site educational internships and clinical experiences with principal focus in diagnosing, treating, and stabilizing complex neuropsychiatric illnesses, for Marian University, University of Indianapolis, Indiana University, Indiana Wesleyan University, Ivy Tech, and Sawyer-Khec Inc., students. The NDI recognizes the value of providing internships and clinical experiences for students preparing for a career in the field of human services. These clinical experiences and internships are designed to provide students with reliable placement in an advanced clinical setting with regular collaboration among supportive interdisciplinary professionals who serve as mentors. Students will also have access to the latest intellectual works and technology to further ensure they build on skills and knowledge related to their specific areas of study, all while duties under the supervision of a physician member of the organization are performed.

If interested in a discussion on how the NDI can become a valuable partner in achieving your organization’s educational goals and programming, please contact the clinical partner education director at 317-941-4320.