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Indiana State Psychiatric Hospital Network System Philosophy

The Indiana State Psychiatric Hospital Network, comprised of six facilities within the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration Division of Mental Health and Addiction, is a vital part of the state’s mental health continuum of care, providing therapeutic treatment to those with complex psychiatric conditions who pose an assessed risk of harm to themselves or others and who have not responded effectively to treatment in their home communities. The Indiana State Psychiatric Hospital Network operates under a recovery-oriented, trauma informed model that emphasizes providing high quality psychiatric care for adults with serious mental illness and youth with serious emotional disturbances.

The hospital network continues to build strong partnerships with community stakeholders to foster a person-centered approach to accessible care while promoting the minimization of system silos. The Division of Mental Health and Addiction is dedicated to showcasing the true intent of state hospitals, as highly structured treatment facilities, not residential homes. Indiana state hospitals are no longer viewed as default programs for underfunded, fragmented community systems of care.  Instead, they are multidisciplinary, active treatment environments focused on compassionate care, scholarly research and evidence-based practice. Evidence-based treatment models include:

  • Assessment
  • Evaluations
  • Stabilization
  • Medication management
  • Intensive mental health therapy
  • Intensive case management services
  • Community re-entry

It is the Indiana State Psychiatric Hospital Network’s philosophy that every Hoosier has value, and each community has unique qualities to embrace the diversity of their community members. To build on the strengths of our communities and its individuals, the hospitals collaborate and integrate innovative recovery service models to assure persons can be served in the least restrictive environment possible.  A person’s timely transition back to their community and natural supports is critical for their continued recovery. To promote integration within the community the network has completed the following (per National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors):

  • Increased collaboration with community stakeholders
  • Continue to develop an environment of transparency
  • Implement an electronic medical record
  • Advocate against the criminalization of individuals with mental illness

To further champion this approach, the Indiana State Psychiatric Hospital Network will continue to open our treatment teams to include local community mental health partners throughout the person’s stay to provide a seamless integrated service.  The hospital network will also closely collaborate with law and judicial systems to provide secure settings for the health and safety of those with the most challenging mental illness requiring forensic evaluation and restoration of legal competency. Above all, the Indiana State Psychiatric Hospital Network will provide a hopeful, holistic and therapeutic environment to Hoosiers in need of its services.