Evansville State Hospital

In 1883, Indiana’s Legislature authorized funding for the construction of a new facility in Evansville. A secluded, densely wooded farm on Newburgh Road (now Lincoln Avenue), then three miles outside of the city, was selected as the site, and on October 30, 1890, the new hospital admitted its first two patients. A fire in 1943 destroyed some of the early buildings and by 2008 all of the old structures had been razed.

Today, Evansville State Hospital continues its mission of Hope and Recovery for persons with severe mental illness. A replacement hospital, with a capacity for 168 patients, was opened on the original hospital campus in September, 2003. The Golden Trowel award was presented to the hospital for use of innovative “green” building materials.

Evansville State Hospital continues to maintain accreditation through The Joint Commission as an Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital as well as Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) certification as a Psychiatric Medicare/Medicaid Hospital through deemed status from The Joint Commission. The hospital is composed of two service lines that provide care to adults with severe mental illness. Both service lines consist of male and female patients. Areas of service are:

    1. Admissions/Adult Continuing Treatment Services: These four units with a total of 134 beds provide treatment for new patient admissions and all other patients that continue to require active treatment for a serious mental illness.
    2. Geriatric/Medically Fragile Services:  This 34 bed unit provides treatment for the geriatric, medically fragile and chronic population.

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