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Addiction Prevention and Mental Health Promotion

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The Division of Mental Health and Addiction Bureau of Mental Health Promotion and Addiction Prevention provides oversight and administration of the Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant to ensure funding that addresses statewide prevention and mental health promotion priorities. It supports evidence-based initiatives that serve to prevent and reduce substance abuse and mental illness, reduce the negative impact of substance abuse and mental illness, and promote overall behavioral health. Suicide, problem gambling, underage drinking, binge drinking, tobacco and illicit drug use and prescription drug misuse are examples of issues that prevention initiatives may target.

Mission: To reduce substance use and abuse and promote behavioral health across the lifespan of Indiana citizens by maintaining a coordinated, effective, and accountable system of prevention and behavioral health promotion services.

Vision: Sustainable environments that nurture, assist and empower all Indiana citizens to access and experience optimum physical, emotional and mental health.

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Davetta A. Henderson Assistant Deputy Director of Mental Health Promotion, Addiction & Prevention Davetta.Henderson@fssa.IN.gov 317-233-6367
Dave Bozell Assistant Deputy Director David.Bozell@fssa.IN.gov 317-232-7868
Vacant Bureau Chief, Prevention    
Cathy Blume Synar & Alcohol Program Director Catherine.Blume@fssa.IN.gov 317-232-7912
Vacant Program Director    
Vera Mangrum Program Director Vera.Mangrum@fssa.IN.gov 317-232-7804

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