Fall 2017 NDI Update

Construction update:

Construction continues on time and within budget. The “connector,” which is a new structure that will be shared by Community Hospital East and the Neuro-diagnostic Institute is now fully operational and being used by Community for shipping and receiving, trash disposal and other maintenance activities.

Steel construction of the tower is well underway with 3rd floor steel erection currently in process.
The building is nearly half as tall as it will be once complete!


Furniture fair at Larue Carter:

Along with construction, many discussions are underway regarding the building signage, playground equipment, furniture, fixtures and equipment. In mid-November a furniture fair was conducted for the staff at Larue Carter and other agency leadership so potential furniture that will go inside the new building could be evaluated. Manufacturers that specialize in furniture specifically designed for use in behavioral health facilities had several pieces on display. This furniture is designed with safety in mind first and foremost. Pieces like chairs tend to be heavy enough so they can’t be picked up and thrown, for example, and smaller pieces can be weighted down with sand.

Staff who attended could test the furniture in a very hands-on manner and provided evaluations for the team that will make final selections. Also available to see and feel were samples of the building materials and decorations that will go into the various parts of the NDI.